Boy, 6, Dialed 911 & Asked Officer to Be His Friend Because He Was Lonely

A little Tallahassee boy made a new friend when he decided to call 911 because he was feeling lonely.

A six-year-old boy from Tallahassee Florida was feeling sad, so he reached out for help - he called 911.

On the other end of the line was Officer Joe White who quickly ascertained that all was well, the boy's family was in the house - the little tyke just felt lonely.

“Officer White arrived on scene and the young man asked Officer White to be his friend because he was lonely.” Tallahassee Police Department


Officer White jumped into his patrol car, drove o the boy's house, and knocked on his door much to the surprise of his family who had been unaware of the 911 call.

Officer White came bearing gifts - a cute stuffed animal, to reminding the young man that he had one new friend.

Officer White helped the boy put on his sneakers and let him sit in the patrol car and turn on the blue lights.


Officer White took the opportunity to teach the six-year-old that 911 is only to be used for situations that require immediate aid from the police, fire department or ambulance services.


The story of Officer White and his lonely little caller went viral on Facebook and garnered hundreds of appreciative comments from users.

“What a great story Kudos to Officer White sometimes all those little ones need is a friend little or big a friend is always welcome.” 

“Thank you Officer White! A new Friendship…something positive for a change. What a handsome young friend!”


The Tallahassee Police Department issued a statement praising Officer White's actions.

“It was a great moment to develop an important relationship. The child’s mother and older brother were there but there is a large age gap between the child and his brother. They did not know he called 911. The child knew by calling 911, he’d have a friend and he did!" they said.

After meeting his little friend, Officer White helped the boy put on his sneakers and let him sit in the patrol car and turn on the blue lights.

Officer Joe White is a sterling example of police outreach into the community, and we look forward to more heartwarming stories like these in the future.


Officer James Hurst of the Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police was shaken when he found an abandoned 16-month-old boy wandering the streets.

Hurst, who has two children of his own, took the baby to the emergency room for observation, but the strange environment had the little boy in tears.

Hurst held the tiny boy in his arms while the doctors examined him, and the baby fell asleep on his chest.

Hurst the child for two hours while he slept, and was there when he woke up. Thank you, Officer Hurst, for your caring and your compassion.

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