Woman Gets Roasted After Revealing She Checked Messages on Her Her Boyfriend’s Phone

Bettina Dizon
Dec 31, 2019
10:00 P.M.
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A Reddit user sought advice from the internet community after going through her boyfriend's phone without permission.


Relationships can be quite tricky when there is doubt and ultimately, a lack of trust. At times like these, partners tend to look for security that their significant other is faithful to them.

A 28-year-old woman was trapped in a similar situation, where she felt like something was different in her relationship; hence, she snooped around to find out what was wrong.



The Reddit user shared that her relationship with her boyfriend had a good foundation built on trust until a recent week, where she felt like something was wrong.

One night while they were out with friends, her boyfriend left his phone inside, and the woman decided to look through his messages.


She found out that her boyfriend was recently in contact with his ex-girlfriend and hung out with her when he said he would just be with friends.


As she could not keep inside what she found out, the girl confronted her boyfriend about what she found out, to which he replied that it meant nothing and there were other people there, despite the two of them planning it.


Her boyfriend also pointed out that going through his phone was below the belt, crazy, and ultimately, unforgivable.

The couple broke up soon after the incident, but the 28-year-old still wanted to solicit opinions from internet users about what she did.



The comments regarding the woman's situation were divided. On one hand, although what she did was a violation of privacy, some women may see it as a last resort. One person said:

"The more I hear about the details of people looking at their partner's phones, the more I think it's not always such a terrible thing. And it is most certainly not the same thing as actually cheating."

Screenshot of comment from Reddit. | Source: Reddit.com/GruffGrapes

Screenshot of comment from Reddit. | Source: Reddit.com/GruffGrapes


On the other hand, other comments said that she should have talked to him about how she felt before going through his phone.

Had the girlfriend not found anything, the situation would be different, and she would really be labeled as the wrong one.

Similarly, a Reddit user read his girlfriend's messages to find out if she was still thinking of another guy. The comments were again split into two, with reasons why he was wrong or right.

Find out about what Reddit users had to say about a couple who faced a dilemma choosing between their biological son and foster son.

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