Tori Roloff’s Fans Were Stunned by New Photos of Jackson and Lilah

Oyin Balogun
Jan 01, 2020
10:30 P.M.
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Tori's fans couldn't help but drop adorable comments after seeing the picture of Jackson and Lilah in matching baby jeans.


The 28-year-old mother of two has never shied away from posting pictures of her adorable mini-me's. Before Lilah, Tori fondly flooded her page with pictures of little Jackson.

Now that Lilah has joined their family, the proud mom has yet another reason to post even more pictures.


In her most recent post, Tori shows off her babies wearing matching holiday outfits. Upon seeing the post, her fans couldn't help but drool over their adorable look.

The post contained two pictures. In one, both children were lying down side by side facing the camera while in the other, they were lying face down with Jackson on the right and little Lilah on the left. 


Both Jackson and Lilah were wearing grey sweaters and a pair of identical jean trousers. Tori added the caption "when mom makes you match." A fan commented:

"Baby jeans, both are so adorable."

Others chimed in, "omg stop it!!!! That's the cutest thing I've ever seen," someone said. "Two little cuties, adorable," said another.


It's not the first time Tori is posting a picture of her mini-me's in matching outfits. In another recent post, she shares a photo with herself and her babies in a chair wearing red checked outfits. 

As usual, her fans were blown away by their adorableness and dropped comments. "Adorable! I did the same matchy outfits for my 2.5-year-old and 6 weeks old…" Someone said. 

After his birth, they found out that Jackson was going to be a little person like his father.


After the birth of Lilah, Tori had a hard time loving her body. She shared in a post that giving birth has changed her body, and she is still getting used to it. She said she is trying as much as she can to love her postpartum body. 

She further shared that she knows she will eventually get herself back, but it's the waiting period that's hard. She intends to keep working on loving herself, encouraging mothers like her to do the same. She said: 

"For all those PP mamas out there. Love yourself hard. We all have our days, and that's okay. Our bodies are so insane, and I've said it before- women are badass." 


Tori met her husband, Zach, when she started working on the Roloff farm for the Pumpkin season in 2010. A co-worker introduced them, and shortly after, they had their first date.

They dated for three years and got engaged in 2014 after Zach proposed to her on the Roloff farm, where they first met. They got married in 2015 on the farm and traveled to Disneyland for their honeymoon. 

Two years later, they became parents with the birth of their first child, Jackson, in May 2017.


After his birth, they found out that Jackson was going to be a little person like his father. In a clip from TLC, Zach shared that he and his wife intend to raise Jackson in a way that his size will not bother him.

After the birth of their second child, Lilah, the couple found out she also has Achondroplasia. They confirmed that their daughter is also a little person in a video recently released by TLC.