Man Who Wants to Sell the House His Ex and Son Live in but Pays No Child Support Gets Roasted

Jaimie-lee Prince
Jan 03, 2020
04:00 A.M.
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Divorce is never easy, but one man wants to know if he's the jerk in a situation that involved the sale of his ex-wife's home with their son.


One man took to Reddit to get the public's viewpoint on his stance in a complicated post-divorce situation with his ex-wife, with whom he shares a son.

His story goes that in 2013, he got married and bought a house with his first wife. They welcomed a son a year later. By 2018, the two divorced and now share equal custody of their son.

Man looking at a laptop | Photo: Pexels

Man looking at a laptop | Photo: Pexels


The situation

In early 2019, the man began living with his new girlfriend while his ex-wife remained in their home. The man explained that he agreed to pay the mortgage on the old house throughout 2019 for his wife's sake.

He hoped she would get on her feet over time and either be able to cover the mortgage herself or buy the house from him. The move allegedly put the man under financial stress as he now carries two mortgages.

Man having a phone call. | Photo: Pexels

Man having a phone call. | Photo: Pexels


Eventually, he put the house up for sale. He gave his ex-wife — and his son — an eviction date in January 2020. He feels terrible about it but also feels it's his ex-wife's responsibility to house herself at this point.

The judgment

What the man conveniently left out in the main story was that he was paying the mortgage in lieu of alimony and child support. He added that in the comment section.

Man and woman holding hands | Photo: Pexels

Man and woman holding hands | Photo: Pexels


For that reason, the man was deemed a jerk in the "Am I The [Expletive] forum. Even when he explained that there's no court-ordered child support and that he covers bills for his kid, people didn't budge.

One person wrote, "YTA for the child support edit you left in the comments. That's pretty important info to make a judgment." Most people agreed.

Original Reddit post shares comment underneath story | Source: Reddit.com/ AITA

Original Reddit post shares comment underneath story | Source: Reddit.com/ AITA


Shared house dilemma

Another house-selling dilemma happened when one user decided at just 20 years old to buy a house with their brother and his wife. Now, they want to sell it or get bought out, but their sibling is delaying a decision.

In that case, Reddit users determined that neither party was in the wrong. Instead, it would make sense to be more firm about giving the brother and his wife a period to make a decision.

A small house with green yard | Photo: Pexels

A small house with green yard | Photo: Pexels


Man kicks out cheating girlfriend

Yet another man found himself between a rock and a hard place when he kicked out his girlfriend, who had cheated on him. The thing is, he first convinced her to move in with him.

When she confessed her infidelity three years in, the man promptly dropped her off at the home of the man she was cheating with. A month later, that man also kicked her out, and she was left homeless.

Woman looking at sunset | Photo: Pexels

Woman looking at sunset | Photo: Pexels

Opinions were split on the matter, with some people advising the man to help her just cause she needs it, and others pointing out how she didn't want to work, plus he wasn't her last boyfriend, so it wasn't his problem.

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