January 02, 2020

Chris Brown Gifts Daughter Royalty Hard Cash for the Holidays

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Singer Chris Brown gifts his daughter, Royalty cash for the holidays, and the look she had on her face after seeing her gift was priceless.

During the festive period, families and friends gift each other admirable and thoughtful gifts to show how much they appreciate one another through the year. 

R&B singer, Chris Brown I Image: Getty Images


Although there are endless gifts to give, sometimes people are lost for ideas and give cash gifts instead. This might have been the case for Chris Brown, who gave his 5-year-old daughter hard cash for the holidays. 

The proud father took to his daughter's Instagram page to show her reaction when she saw her gift. In the clip, the adorable toddler was wearing a lovely red gown.

She could be seen opening a purse with the help of her dad, who was chewing on something the whole time.


Upon opening the purse and seeing the money, Royalty had a lovely surprise look on her face as she whispered "aww" and smiled widely.

Chris Brown later helped her remove the cash, and it was a lot. The clip was captioned, "Dads the best!"

This was, however, not the only gift the 5-year-old got from her dad. In another clip shared by the R&B singer, Royalty could be seen wearing a Balenciaga ensemble.


The proud dad in his caption told his fans that he asked his baby girl what she wanted for Christmas, and she said she Balenciaga. 

Since birthing his daughter, Chris Brown has never hidden how much she meant to him and has severally showered her with gifts as he deems fit.

However, the singer welcomed another son, Aeko Brown, with his girlfriend, Ammika Harris, late last year, and big sister, Royalty, is already doting on her brother. 


In an image shared by the father of two just before Christmas, Royalty could be seen helping Aeko change his diaper on a play yard changing table. The singer captioned the image,


The cute and priceless image showed baby Aeko in a lovely onesie and sucking on his pacifier. 

Chris Brown's love for his children is evident even in the way Royalty already treats her younger brother. One can only watch patiently to see how the singer will shower Aeko with gifts when he comes of age.