January 11, 2020

Angela Yee from 'Breakfast Club' Opens up about Current Status of Her Friendship with Co-Host Charlamagne Tha God

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"The Breakfast Club" co-host Angela Yee was very candid about the status of her friendship with colleague Charlamagne Tha God following their fallout over last year's Gucci Mane controversy.

Yee and Charlamagne, alongside DJ Envy, make up the host line-up for one of radio's most influential shows, but it appears the synergy they exhibit on-air is out of a sense of duty. In real life, Yee and her colleague are not friends.

Angela Yee at the AFUWI 22nd Annual Legacy Awards Gala on Feb. 27, 2019 in New York City | Photo: Getty Images


"We've always been the same. We work together; it is what it is. Like he said, we're co-workers," said Yee in a recently published interview with Variety about her "Lip Service" podcast tour.

"Whether or not you work with that person, you shouldn't be talking about a woman in that way."

"A lot of people have jobs where they don’t necessarily love the people they work with, it's just a part of life," she continued. "That's not the person you'd hang out with in real life."

Charlamagne Tha God poses backstage at Beautycon Festival New York 2019 on April 07, 2019 in New York City | Photo: Getty Images


According to HotNewHipHop, Yee and Charlamagne's relationship became strained a few months ago after the latter granted an interview to rapper Gucci Mane on his platform.

Some years back, Gucci alleged that Yee once tried to have sex with him and that she was offended when he rejected her advances. Yee vehemently denied the claims, and not too long after, Gucci insisted he had been banned from "The Breakfast Club" because of her and DJ Envy.


Per MadameNoire, Charlamagne then offered Gucci an interview on his platform, where he threatened to slap DJ Envy and called Yee some unprintable names. Charlamagne reportedly faced criticism at the time, and his relationship with Yee soured.

During her Variety interview, however, Yee explained that her tense relationship with Charlamagne dated way back before the Gucci Mane controversy. "There's been a lot of experiences," she admitted.


Yee added:

"The way that I am: there's certain things that I don't agree with and I'm just never been the type of person… I was taught in radio: if somebody is talking, then you don't talk over them. Sometimes, it's hard to even speak. Sometimes being the only woman on the show, I have to always try to cut in."


"It's hard not to [take things personally]. It sucks because sometimes you feel so numb," she concluded. "You used to get so upset over things and feel so much, after a while [expletive] keeps happening, you're just numb to it now."

While Yee's comments sound like she's made her peace with the strained relationship she has with Charlamagne, MadameNoire noted that it wasn't so back in October when she sounded betrayed by her colleague.


"I knew he was doing the interview. I just think that, in general, if you work with somebody and someone is saying nasty things you can't even say on the radio, in a really derogatory way," Yee reportedly said. "Whether or not you work with that person, you shouldn't be talking about a woman in that way."

Now, it appears the longtime radio personality is not letting her hurt feelings get in the way of the show's success. Yee shows up to "The Breakfast Club" and does her job with Charlamagne even though he is not her friend.

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