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Woman Who Refuses to Support Adopted Daughter's Trip to Meet Her Biological Mom Gets Roasted

Comfort Omovre
Jan 15, 2020
06:00 A.M.
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A woman isn't too happy about the resurfacing of her adopted child's birth mother. She couldn't get herself to approve of their reunion, and Reddit users came for her.


A Reddit user went through heartbreak when her child, whom she raised, and nurtured called another woman, "Mother". She took to Reddit to share her story.

About 19 years ago, this woman adopted a girl child who was put up for adoption while she was still a Utero by her less privileged parents.

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She took her in from birth and has loved her like any other mother would love her child. However, years passed, and the biological mother showed up to propose a reunion.

The worst part is, her daughter wants to travel to her native country to meet her and wants her adopted mother to go with her. She decided not to go and got roasted on Reddit. 

A Reddit user said.

"…You are being a horrible person, and if you think saying no to this will make her stay your 'precious little baby,' you are sorely mistaken. It could be the beginning of resentment…"

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Some Reddit users understood her pain while others thought she was being proud and self-centred.

Someone said, "...Put your ill-founded pride away and go on a trip with your daughter..."  "...Also, this isn't about ' your life'  you're just making it all about you..." said another.

 It made her feel like her parents adopted her solely for the adoption money.

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Many others thought she was unnecessarily bitter towards the biological mother as she opened up that she felt hatred towards her.

She also implied that the biological mother showing up 19 years later seems like she might have a financial motive. The user said.

"I am feeling a hatred for the bio mom that I am trying hard to subdue. Why has she re-emerged just to disrupt our lives when she's never been there before? I have to wonder if there's a financial motive, although I have no proof of that."

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While this mother got roasted for refusing her adopted daughter's invitation to reunite with her birth mother,

another Reddit user

 got thumbs up for the way she treats her adopted parents.

This Reddit user was adopted at the age of 8 and sent off by her adopted parents when she turned 18. She was also told not to return home.

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It made her feel like her parents adopted her solely for the adoption money. She then decided to cut them out entirely from her life as she doesn't need them anymore.

Reddit users supported her decision and told her she had every right to cut them out since they cut her out first and that she shouldn't even feel bad about it.