Kim Fields of 'Facts of Life' Fame Channels Grandma by Dressing like Her in Comparison Pic That Shows Their Resemblance

Kim Fields drew inspiration from her grandmother for one of her recent outfits, sharing a comparison photo that shows their striking resemblance. 

Kim Fields is a veteran actress known for her role as Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey on "The Facts of Life," and while she hasn't had any recent projects, she remains a fan-favorite thanks to her iconic roles in the past. 

That is why every time she posts something interesting on Instagram, it soon after goes viral and garners thousands of likes from fans around the world. 

Kim Fields attends a red carpet event | Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesUkraine

Kim Fields attends a red carpet event | Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesUkraine


This time, her viral post came in the form of her imitating one of her grandmother's looks, which included a thick pearl necklace, a headpiece, a black top, and classic makeup. 

Her post came about after Fields has been feeling nostalgic about family history, which might be because of the new year. Regardless of why that is, she claims she's more open to what they have to say to her in 2020. 

"Me channeling my maternal grandmother... a dancer... not sure why I have been in a nostalgic space with my family history lately (lil more than usual).. I'm hopen to what they have to say to me in this new season.."


In their family, it's not just Kim Fields who entered the entertainment industry, as her younger sister Alexis did so as well. 

She had her acting debut in 1994 when she starred on the TV series "Roc," before starring on hit movies like "Sister Sister," "The Teenage Witch One on One," "All That Matters," and "Moesha."


Now, Alexis is busy working on a role in Kerry Washington's upcoming church comedy, an ABC comedy series that revolves around a clergyman who tries to start a modern ministry while taking care of a growing family with his wife. 

Meanwhile, 44-year-old Kim will have to juggle working in the industry while taking care of her toddler child Quincy, whom she gave birth to recently.

With a brand new year ahead of them, the Field sisters are ready to face whatever it is life throws at them in this new chapter, accepting everything with open arms. 

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