January 20, 2020

Joy-Anna Duggar from 'Counting On' Shares Cute Pics of Husband Austin and Son Gideon Dressed Alike

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Joy-Anna Duggar from "Counting On" delighted her fans over at Instagram with adorable snaps of her husband Austin Forsyth and son Gideon as look-alike father and son. 

The Duggars have been under the limelight since the show "19 and Counting," and now, with "Counting On," all eyes are on the next generation of Duggars. 

Jessa, Jinger, Jana, and Joy-Anna are among the few Duggars to have a strong presence on social media where they share the latest and greatest of their lives with their fans.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth as they reflect on their love story in "Counting On" | Source: YouTube / TLC



Joy-Anna recently took to Instagram to treat her fans with a couple of pictures of the super cute father-son duo, sporting casual t-shirts, and "matching" caps put on backward.

The first picture framed Austin with a charming smile looking directly at the lens, and the proud toddler looked at his father in the most adorable loving gaze one can imagine. 


The picture that follows depicts the same situation, but this time it is Austin who has the loving gaze pointed at his son, while the two-year-old reality star smiles for the camera. 


Although Joy-Anna got introduced on-screen at a very young age, she made her way to fame, in part, because of her unique occupation.


Like most women in the Duggar household, the 22-year-old reality star spends most of her time doing household chores, but almost like a job outside her home, she assists her husband with his real estate business

The couple does make a decent income with their reality show on TLC but also manages to earn an income on the side as the reality star believes that house projects are really good couple activities.



Late last year, the "Counting On" stars even got themselves a space to call home and delighted their fans with the news on an Instagram post, where they announced their plans of settling down for a while. 

“WE BOUGHT A HOUSE and YES! We plan to settle down and live in this one for awhile!”

With the baby, the couple decided that they needed a larger space and a house with three bedrooms and three baths and "a very open floor plan" sure seems like the way to go. 

Prior to the house they now own in Arkansas, the Forsyth couple lived off of a campervan for a year and a half as they saved up for their perfect home.