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The Blast: R Kelly Reportedly Has No Visitors in Jail Other Than Girlfriend Joycelyn Savage

Claudine Varela
Jan 18, 2020
03:20 A.M.
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R. Kelly's lawyer revealed the singer is under closed monitoring in jail and has had no visits from his family. Only one of his two alleged girlfriends has been visiting too.


R. Kelly is slowly learning the truth that he’s now all alone in his plight in jail. Reports suggest none of his family members have visited him and only one of his alleged girlfriends has been back to see him.

Kelly is currently awaiting trial for serious charges of sexual misconduct. He was denied bail due to his potential for obstructive behavior. His lawyer recently filed documents to learn the names of his accusers but this was also denied.

R. Kelly poses for a mugshot after his arrest in February 2019. | Photo: Getty Images


Since Kelly’s arrest in July, he’s been staying at a federal jail in Chicago where his alleged two girlfriends, Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage, would visit him.

According to Kelly's lawyer in court documents obtained by The Blast, the troubled singer is completely monitored inside and has been isolated from the world.

However, a recent brawl between the women who continued to live in his Trump Tower apartment after his arrest has prompted Clary to turn her back on Kelly. This also resulted in Savage’s arrest for assault charges. She has since been released on bond.

Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage leave after R. Kelly's arraignment in 2019 in Chicago.| Photo: Getty Images


Clary has moved out of the apartment and reunited with her family, leaving only Joycelyn as Kelly’s lone supporter. The Blast reports she’s the only one visiting Kelly. None of his family members has come to see him since his arrest.

According to Kelly’s lawyer in court documents obtained by The Blast, the troubled singer is completely monitored inside and has been isolated from the world.

“All of his phone calls are monitored. All of his mail is monitored. Other than legal counsel his only visitor is his girlfriend, Joycelyn.”

R. Kelly performing at the 2013 BET Awards show. | Photo: Getty Images


The lawyer’s statement is part of his legal efforts to get the names of Kelly’s women accusers. Kelly has been kept in the dark about their identities because of his potential to harm them.

His lawyer contests that due to his close monitoring in prison, it’s impossible for Kelly to get to his accusers. “He has no means or method by which to engage in any obstructive conduct.,” he said in documents submitted to the court.


Kelly currently faces multiple charges in different states. In Chicago, he’s being tried for allegations of child pornography and obstruction of justice. He also has a pending case in New York for racketeering charges as well as accusations of child exploitation, kidnapping, and forced labor.

Kelly denies all allegations and pleaded not guilty in Chicago and New York in July and August respectively. His second trial date in Chicago is in April 2020 while a trial date in New York has been set for May 2020.