Kodak Black Details Alleged Inhumane Conditions and Claims He's Being Strategically Killed Slowly in Prison

Maria Varela
Jan 21, 2020
09:40 A.M.
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Kodak Black posted a lengthy message on social media detailing the maltreatment he would experience in prison which include mail tampering, removal of visitation rights and empty meal trays. He says it's all part of a conspiracy to kill him.


Kodak Black has opened up about the dire conditions he’s been subjected to in jail and believes there’s a conspiracy to kill him inside.

The rapper took to his Instagram this week and wrote of incidences when his prison rights were taken away from him by those who are supposed to protect them. At one point, he says, he was served an empty tray for breakfast. He also says his mother was denied visitation a couple of days before Christmas.

Rapper Kodak Black seen backstage at the Rolling Loud Festival in California in October 2017. | Photo: Getty Images


“They are strategically killing me slowly in here,” were the powerful words that greeted Kodak’s followers on his Instagram this week. It was part of a lengthy message that detailed the poor treatment he’s been receiving in prison.

Kodak is currently serving time at the Miami Federal Center after being sentenced to 46 months due to firearms charges in November. He was first arrested in May right before a performance in Miami.

Kodak Black performing on stage during the Rolling Loud Festival in California in December 2018. | Photo: Getty Images


In December, he claimed he was drugged before getting involved in a brawl behind bars.  Now it seems there’s a bigger picture unfolding as he describes the incidents showing he was intentionally being given a hard time inside.

"I have been humiliated over and over again,” he said after revealing they’ve also been tampering with his mail.


Kodak named Lieutenant F. Arroyo as the person responsible for his struggles in jail. He claims Arroyo is vindictive towards him. He also suggests Arroyo’s motives are in relation to an incident weeks before his court date when he claims he was “laced, bruised, and brutally beaten.”

Kodak also brought up another person, Santiago Torres who he alleges is abusing her authority against him by making falsified reports and taking away his once-a-week phone privileges. It came to a point when Torres threatened to remove his girlfriend’s visitation rights just to distress him.

Kodak Black performing during the "Dying to Live" tour in California in March 2019. | Photo: Getty Images


But the biggest blow to Kodak came two days before Christmas when he learned his mother was denied a visit. Days later on December 31, he was handed an empty breakfast tray.

Kodak seriously believes there’s a conspiracy to kill him inside. “They are strategically killing me slowly in here. I have been humiliated over and over again,” he said after revealing they’ve also been tampering with his mail. It is a “self-serving agenda” that he says also affects other inmates who suffer from maltreatment too. And “they will always side with their fellow officers whether right or wrong,” he adds.


Shortly after Kodak’s confession, he posted about a fellow inmate who committed suicide. He claims the man, Pete, who was in solitary confinement, previously had health issues that prison officials ignored. This prompted him to end his life.

He expressed his condolences to Pete’s family and offered some money he planned to send them. However, he says he’s having problems getting it to them because they’re not sending out his mail.