Woman Causes Fight between Her Sister and Her Fiancé by Sending a Pic of Him Hugging a Woman

Gracious Egedegbe
Jan 21, 2020
06:30 A.M.
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A Reddit user won the support of fellow users after she revealed that she sent to her sister, a picture of her (sister's) fiance hugging another woman.


A woman took to Reddit's AITA platform to seek their opinion on the fight between her sister and her fiancé. In the now-deleted post, the woman revealed that she took a snapshot of her sister's fiancé, hugging a woman on a night out. 

The said fiancé had informed the writer's sister that he was going out with the "guys from work" for dinner. Coincidentally, the writer ended up in the same space with the man and took a picture to show her sister. 

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The picture, however, caused a rift between the intending couple. The fiancé claimed that he had no ulterior motive as he only took an upset coworker who lost out on promotion to dinner.

The problem with his new narrative is that it contradicts his earlier claim, and this has caused friction between the duo. 

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Reddit users called the fiancé's bluff and referred to him as shady. "The way he reacted when your sister confronted him screams "guilty"," one user wrote. Another concluded:

"He's shady AF & your a good sister. I don't believe him, and he seems to be gaslighting the entire situation."

In another instance of cheating partners in relationships, a man took to the Reddit platform to share his dilemma. The writer revealed that he had a coworker who confided in him on her cheating antiques.

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According to the user, the coworker opened up on sleeping with her ex-boyfriend while currently being in a relationship. The mother of two, even though planning to move in with her new boyfriend, still fulfills her guilty pleasures with her ex.

The writer, having been cheated on in the past by his fiancee, revealed that he feels terrible for his coworker's boyfriend and kids. The writer is torn at his resolve to expose the affair to her boyfriend.

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Users on the platform advised the writer to sit this one out. They shared that even though his intentions were pure, it was none of his business.

Another Reddit user in a similar situation wanted to know if it was right to spill the beans to an unsuspecting partner whose soon to be wife cheated on him years ago. 

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The user revealed that he had a fling with a certain lady about three years ago. The duo had their fun for six weeks and moved on from it. As fate would have it, he became friends with the lady's fiancé years after the fling.

At first, he wasn't sure if the two had been together years ago when he hooked up with the lady, but he found out later that they had been dating for longer. 

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The lady in question continued been flirty to the writer even after she's engaged to be married. The confused man disclosed that he is torn between revealing this to the lady's fiancé or keeping mum.

Reddit users advised the writer to spill the beans and do it quick. A user urged the writer to confront the lady first and then her fiancé next if she doesn't do the right thing.