Zoe McLellan's Marriage to Actor JP Gillain Ended in Divorce after Less Than 5 Years

Jan 26, 2020
07:00 P.M.
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Many are familiar with the actress Zoe Mclellan who starred in the crime series," NCIS: New Orleans, what people don't know is that she was embroiled in a divorce saga at one point in her career.


The onscreen personality was married to Jean-Pierre Gillian for about three years, and the duo share a son named Sebastian.  

When the couple decided to part ways, just like every about-to-divorce couple, the pair followed the due proceedings of the court. The resolution, however, caused Zoe to pay a sum of $30,000 to Jean-Pierre Gillian.

Zoe McLellan as Meredith "Merri" Brody on the set of CBS series NCIS: NEW ORLEANS.| Photo:Getty Images


This money represented spousal support from his ex-wife, after which a news source reported that Jean made no attempt to request for any future payment.

Separation for the duo didn't mean that their business together was over as they began a new court case about their son's custody. According to Scott Bakula, one of Zoe's associates, who also made a statement in court,

"Her life is and has been, about one thing and one thing only: Being Sebastian's mommy."

Scott Bakula on of Zoe's associates and Zoe Mclellan. |Photo:TMZ


Scott continued by explaining the actress's invaluable connection and love for her boy. He concluded by expressing great admiration for her and how she has managed to keep her head straight irrespective of the "tumultuous" phase of her life.

 Parenting between Jean and Zoe seemed okay until the former accused his ex-lover of abducting their toddler to another country.

 the project, she ventured into, "Designated Survivor" didn't survive for long


Once again, another lawsuit got filed, and just like the first, the ruling was in the "NCIS" star's favor. The court decided to dismiss the abduction claims after being notified of the actress's intentions of moving.

In an attempt to advance her career, she left Louisiana for Toronto, so the court implied that her actions were all for her and Sebastian's interest. The judge also said that her son is:

"More emotionally secure with mother than with father."


Although  Zoe Mclellan was victorious over the continuous custody battle of her son after a few years, the project, she ventured into, "Designated Survivor" didn't survive for long. 

As a result of low ratings, the show was canceled in its second season.

Undoubtedly the mother has made several sacrifices for her only son and has made it clear that his happiness matters to her than hers. This is no surprise considering how badly she wanted to be a mother. In an interview, she explained how easy it was to conceive.