Candace Cameron Bure from 'Fuller House' Shares Sweet Photo of Her Grown-Up Son Maksim on His 18th Birthday

The "Full House" alum, Candace Cameron, recently celebrated her son, Maksim Bure's 18 birthday. The star gushed about how her baby wasn't a baby anymore. 

Candace was born in 1976 in Los Angeles. She began her most significant role in the television industry through the sitcom, "Full House" in 1987. After the series ended in 1995, she appeared in sitcoms like "Cybill" and "Boy Meets World."

However, after the birth of her kids, Candace took a hiatus from the acting world and devoted time to her family. She has three kids with the former professional hockey player, Valerie Bure. Her youngest son, Maksim Bure, turned 18 this week.

Author/Actress Candace Cameron-Bure promotes her new book "Dancing Through Life" at Barnes & Noble, 5th Avenue. | Source: Getty Images

Author/Actress Candace Cameron-Bure promotes her new book "Dancing Through Life" at Barnes & Noble, 5th Avenue. | Source: Getty Images


On January 20, Candace took to Instagram to pay tribute to her son Maksim with a mother-son picture on his birthday. The "Switched for Christmas" star gushed about her son and showered him with praise on his special day. 

"My baby isn't a baby anymore. Happy 18th birthday to my son @maksim.bure, the boy who's known for his smile. Maks, you came into this world super chill and always happy and you're still the same today."

Candace also wrote how her son had wonderful qualities, and he was everybody's friend. The star included a throwback picture of when Maksim was a baby, and it was adorable. 


In August, the star had celebrated another birthday. Her daughter, Natasha, had just turned 21. According to Candace, her children are growing up too fast. "21 years [have] gone by in the blink of an eye," she wrote on the post for the young woman.

 The mother of three praised Natasha and said that she was "Fierce." She went on to add how her daughter gave her life and noted the qualities that made Natasha so wonderful. The doting mother wished for her 21-year-old to be the best she could be.

As Natasha grew up, she put some of the skills that she developed over the years on display through her social media. Apparently has an amazing singing voice. The 21-year-old frequently posts videos of herself singing on Instagram. 


Besides being a doting mother, the "Finding Normal" star is also a fitness freak. On August 3, she shared a video of her workout on Instagram for her 4.1 million followers to see.

The star was working out with a pair of dumbbells and was doing some Tricep extensions. The mother of three was wearing a pair of yoga pants riddled with stars. She told "E! NEWS," that she makes time for workouts.

"I want to encourage all of the moms out there, or if you're not a mom, any woman in their 30s or 40s," she said. Staying in the best shape possible is very important for Candace, and her physique is proof enough of that. 

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