Woman Slammed for Not Cooking Another Dinner for Her Daughter after Her Husband Ate Half of It

Jan 27, 2020
04:00 P.M.
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A woman who declined her husband's request to fix her daughter's dinner got more than she bargained for when she told her story on the Reddit platform. 


 A Reddit user took to the "AITA" platform to seek the opinion of other users on her inactions. According to the woman, her twelve-year-old is a cooking enthusiast.

The little girl often tried out her hands-on recipes in the kitchen for herself. On certain occasions, the writer's daughter made meals for the entire household.

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On a particular evening, the teenager took to the kitchen in her usual manner in a bid to try out a recipe she developed herself. After spending ample time bringing the method to life, the teenager served herself a plate.

According to the OP, her daughter cooks for a serving size of one when trying out new recipes in order not to waste food if it doesn't turn out well. Soon after the teenager sat down to eat, the OP's husband came in to complement the aroma of the food. 

The father of the girl got a positive nod from his daughter when he requested to have a taste. Instead of him to have a taste as he had said, the man proceeded to eat more than half of the meal.


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When the father of the girl noticed how much he had eaten into her food, he asked the OP to fix their daughter something else to have for dinner.


The writer refused outrightly citing that her husband was in the habit of eating people's food, and this led to an argument between the couple. The writer took to the platform to find out if she was wrong for allowing the poor girl to go to bed hungry.

Reddit users handed her a deserved scolding while acknowledging that her husband held the more significant blame. "You suck because you let her go to bed without dinner just to prove a point!" one user wrote.

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In a similar instance, a woman who was tired of doing all the cooking for her family shared her grouse on the platform. According to the OP, she stayed home for four years after she had her son.

In her time as a stay at home mom, she made all the meals without complaint as she was home all day. The writer shared that she has since returned to work after her son resumed in preschool. She disclosed that she still comes home to do the cooking even while working on a job.

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The writer revealed that her husband used to fix some meals before she spent those years at home. The writer's husband has refused to make any meals now that she's back in the swing of things with the excuse that she does it better. 

The woman, in a bid to force her husband to cook, took to cooking only the meals he dislikes. Although the woman's action upset her husband, it was still not enough to push him to cook. She wrote,

"He's now all upset saying I'm intentionally starting a fight" and that it's ridiculous."  

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Reddit users supported the OP in her actions. They condemned her husband for not wanting help in the cooking and leaving her to work, tend to the kids and cook still. 

In another similar story, the OP was curious to know if she was at fault for not cooking dinner for her parents and siblings. According to the writer, she got a house with her parents on the mortgage after she graduated from school and got a paying job. 

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The writer revealed that she severed from the joint family account, opened her account, and got herself a credit card. This didn't go down well with her mom as she began attacking her for her choices.

On a particular weekend, the writer's parents showed up to the house in their usual manner. While at the house, the demanding mom began to nag the writer over dirty floors and credit cards.

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The OP revealed that she had her fill with her mother's trouble and locked herself up in her room. While in her room, the writer ignored her mother's consistent yells for her to cook dinner for the family.

Again, Reddit users rallied around the OP in support. They advised her to define the boundaries between her and her parents since she's no longer a kid.