January 27, 2020

Daily Joke: Two Natural Gas Company Employees Check Meters in a Suburban Neighborhood

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A senior training supervisor and a young trainee at a natural gas company were out checking meters in a rural neighborhood. After parking their truck at the end of an alley, they worked their way to the other end.

The woman at the last house was at the kitchen window while watching the two service personnel as they checked her gas meter.

Proud of his physical condition, the senior supervisor challenged his younger co-worker to a foot race back to their truck when they finished.

Two men running outdoors. | Photo: Pexels


As they approached the truck, they realized that the woman from the last house they checked was huffing and puffing right behind them. They stopped and asked her what was wrong.

To which the woman responded, "When I saw two gas men running as hard as you two were, I figured I'd better run, too!"

Reading a humorous story like this one is always fun and will definitely brighten up our day. Here's a bonus joke to keep you laughing some more!

Woman about to run during golden hour. | Photo: Pexels


A man had been driving throughout the night. However, he was still a long way from his destination by morning.

He chose to stop at the next city he came to. At that point, he parked somewhere quiet so he could get an hour or two of rest. 

As it would turn out, the peaceful area he picked happened to be on one of the city's major jogging routes.

Man driving a car. | Photo: Pexels


No sooner had he settled back to nap when there came knocking on his window. He looked out and saw a jogger running in place.

The jogger asked him if he had the time, and he answered what time it was. The jogger expressed profound gratitude and left.

The man settled back once more. He was just resting off when there was another knock on the window, asking him if he has the time.

Man driving his car while drinking a soft drink. | Photo: Pexels


Even though he was annoyed at those moments, he still answered the jogger's question. The jogger said thanks and left.

Now the man could see other joggers cruising by. He realized it wouldn't have been long until another exasperates him.

To avoid the issue, he got out a pen and paper and put a sign in his window, saying that he doesn't know the time.

Car parked beside a building | Photo: Pexels

Once again, he settled back to sleep. He was just dozing off when there was another knock on the window. "Sir, sir? It's 8:45!" a jogger let him know. 

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