Jennifer Lopez Starred in Original 'Anaconda' Movie and More Than 20 Years Later It's Getting a Reboot

A new version of 1997's acclaimed movie, "Anaconda" which featured American actress Jlo, is allegedly underway while new elements will be inputted.

Following its outstanding success in the '90s, it seems the makers of "Anaconda" are working towards a reboot of the movie. Although this is alleged, some adjustments and inclusions are said to be featured in the new project.

Jennifer Lopez at the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards on January 05, 2020, in Beverly Hills, California | Photo: George Pimentel/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez at the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards on January 05, 2020, in Beverly Hills, California | Photo: George Pimentel/Getty Images


The new "Anaconda" is being described not as a remake but as a reimagining of the older concept. Sources say that this time, the latest version will take a pattern similar to 2018's "The Meg." 

Sony Pictures will be bringing in Evan Daugherty for the reimagining as the scriptwriter will craft a storyline for the new project. So far, no producer is attached to the latest version of the "Anaconda" movie.

1997'S "ANACONDA."

The movie was a critically acclaimed film at the time of release. The animal-horror genre made it a blockbuster as it went on to become a household movie. 

Onboard were actors including music siren, Jennifer Lopez, who was then a budding actress, Ice Cube, John Voight, Owen Wilson, and Eric Stoltz.

The storyline revolved around a group of National Geographic filmmakers who journey into wild but fall into the hands of an ill-meaning hunter. They faced danger in the form of a dangerous life-sized snake that could easily crush and swallow a human being.


Being a significant character in the older "Anaconda" movie, Jennifer Lopez led her team of wildlife filmmakers into the wild, and most of the scenes had her in full action.

With her subsequent roles in newer movies, it is evident that the versatile celebrity has amassed more than enough expertise to be a part of the new project. But the star has some rules these days,

"I'm quite particular. I've been offered a couple of movies over the past couple of years, but unless it's the right thing and I get the right types of opportunities, I'd rather create them."


Having established that the new "Anaconda" is neither a remake nor a sequel, the movie is meant to constitute less of the original's concept.

The new version will lean towards more modern monster movies like "The Meg," which centers on a prehistoric shark. Another advantage is the vast improvements in CGI, which will help give the film more realistic imagery. 

According to CINEMA BLEND, the older "Anaconda" came across as funny because the idea of the giant snake wasn't well portrayed.

Although actors and directors of the project are yet to be confirmed, the J-Lo factor might be a necessary part of the movie. Presently, there are no indications that she is a part of the new project.

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