February 02, 2020

Woman Who Refuses to Share Money from Divorce & Car Accident with Family Sparks Debate

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A woman took to Reddit, asking users if she was at fault for refusing to share the money she received from divorce and a car accident with members of her family. 

According to the woman, she was in the habit of always lending a helping hand to her family members over the years. She also said that they always said it was a loan, even though they never paid back. 

She found it okay because she could afford it at the time, and they were her family. However, they never did anything to change their situation, and her money ended up being used as a stop-gap until the next crisis. 

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Over the years, she began to feel like she was her family's ATM, and that she was being exploited, with her mother, who has Bipolar disorder, and her older aunt, who allowed her grown children and grandchildren to live with her, being the chief culprits. 

The woman revealed that she started divorce proceedings from her ex-husband, who she shared a joint property that was sold and balances paid. At the end of the proceedings, she got $15,000, enough for her to start a new life.

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 She also said she was involved in an accident, which required her going through extensive PT, expensive medical tests, and led her to be out of work. 

The woman also added that her family members never helped her during any of her travails, though she receives a VA Disability check, which helped her keep a roof over her head. 

His parents believe that they should get some part of the money too, considering that they raised him, and he stayed under their roof for many years.

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The woman was able to get a total of $35,000 after she had paid doctors' fees, lawyers' fees, and other fees. When news of the money she received got to her family, they began to disturb her again. 

Her mother and aunt asked her to give them each a total of $5000. However, the woman put her foot down and told them that the money was for her to start over with and that she wasn't giving them anything. 

She told her aunt that her kids needed to start contributing their share and that she was done bailing them all out.

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The woman said that she was now being looked at like an ungrateful person and that they have been guilt-tripping her. However, she had the support of her boyfriend and asked Reddit Users if she was wrong to refuse to offer her family members help. 

Most Reddit users who responded to her story said that she was not wrong to do that, because they were used to her giving them a helping hand, and that as long as she continues to do so, they would keep asking. 

They also advised her to save up her money, and that it was her chance to break up the negative cycle. 

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In a similar story, another Reddit user sought the advice of other members following the user's refusal to share part of a large sum of money won recently with family members. 

The user narrated how he came across a large sum of money. News of the occurrence spread, and many of his, and people who he hadn't heard from in years, began to reach out to him.

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He explained that he got a bit greedy and wasn't willing to share his money with them. However, his parents believe that they should get some part of the money, too, considering that they raised him, and he stayed under their roof for many years. 

The user, however, believes he is not obligated to give them any part of the money, because they took care of him out of their love for him, and he shouldn't be made to feel like he was morally obligated to them. 

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The user added that he loves them and would help them if they were in a difficult financial situation, which wasn't the case at the moment. 

Most Reddit users who commented on his story said that the user had the right to spend his money in any way that he deemed fit and that since he was willing to help them out in times of need, he wasn't at fault for refusing.