Erica Dixon of LHHATL Fame Reveals That Her Twins' Dad Is Vegan and Is Also against Vaccinations

Erica Dixon found herself embroiled in a controversy when she revealed that she and her Vegan boyfriend did not believe in vaccination.

Mentioning vaccines these days is as dangerous as taking a pin out of a live hand-grenade and playing hot potato with it.

Former “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta” star Erica Dixon set off an avalanche of comments when she posted a Tweet in which she casually mentioned that her twin girls had not been vaccinated.

One Twitter denizen even labeled the reality star as a "child abuser."

 Erica Dixon at the Kontrol Magazine Fashion Jams: The Glamorous Life at Social Haven in Atlanta Georgia/ Source: Getty Images

Erica Dixon at the Kontrol Magazine Fashion Jams: The Glamorous Life at Social Haven in Atlanta Georgia/ Source: Getty Images


The debate has been raging for years now, with some fiercely opposing vaccination claiming it causes damage to children, while others defend it with equal fervor pointing out that in pre-vaccination days many children died of communicable diseases.

Erica set the cat among the pigeons on Twitter by writing:

"My twins are 8 months now. Never been vaccinated and have never been sick."


Even though some comments were supportive, others were hostile and one Twitter denizen even labeled the reality star as a "child abuser." @yorkshirefloss2 said in reply to Erica's statement:

"My mum wasn't vaccinated because there was none available. She was perfectly well and healthy until, at 18 months old, she contracted measles which left her blind in one eye."


Erica explained to The Jasmine Brand that both she and her children's father are vegans and that she researched the subject thoroughly before making the decision not to vaccinate the twins.


Erica has admitted that both she and her oldest daughter Emani Richardson were vaccinated as children.

Erica shares Emani, 14, with rapper Lil Scrappy, and it is presumed that he participated in the decision to vaccinate his daughter.

The controversy rages on, with celebrity moms and dads on both sides of the fence - but in truth, the current stable situation regarding childhood diseases may soon be a thing of the past if enough people refuse to vaccinate their children and the herd immunity threshold is breached.


Dragana Petrovic's little daughter Nadja was not vaccinated. But unlike most unvaccinated children these days, this was not a choice Nadja's mother made.

Little Nadja had been diagnosed with autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome type 1, known as Whitaker syndrome, which meant that she could not be vaccinated.

Dragana believed that as long as her daughter was not in contact with unvaccinated children, she would be safe.

Nadja was admitted into the hospital due to her condition and was placed in a room with an 8-year-old boy who was later diagnosed with measles - an unvaccinated boy.

The boy survived his bout with measles, but Nadja, with her compromised immune system, did not. 

Since then, Dragana has been campaigning, begging parents to vaccinate their children so as not to place others in danger.

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