February 12, 2020

Snoop Dogg Says Kobe Bryant Showed Him How to Be a Better Father as He Co-Hosts 'Ellen'

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Snoop Dogg opened up about how Kobe not only inspired him to be a better father and person but how he was an inspiration to the younger and older generation.

When people impact lives, they'll always be remembered for the good times and their words of encouragement. It might not be words; it might be their actions and ways that inspire others to be better.

Following the death of NBA legend, Kobe Bryant, almost two weeks ago, colleagues and celebrities who had contact with him have opened up about how Kobe inspired them and the impact he had on their lives.

Snoop Dogg at the after party for the premiere of "Queen & Slim" at AFI FEST 2019, Hollywood | Photo: Getty Images


One of such celebrities is Snoop Dogg. While co-hosting famous television talk show "Ellen," with Martha Stewart, Snoop opened up about how Kobe inspired him to be a better person.

He expressed that Kobe was an example not because of what he said but because of what he did, and this made him an inspiration to the younger generations and even the older ones. Snoop said:

"Even rappers like myself, who was older than him, looked up to him because he showed me ways on how to be a better person, a better father, a better man."


Snoop also expressed that Kobe was a great person because he always looked for ways to make himself better on and off the court.

While talking about Kobe, Snoop said that he was sending his love to Vanessa and the kids he also prayed that the angel of love should put their arms around them and help them get through the tough times.

Snoop dedicated his Sunday night concert in Detroit to the former Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard.


Ice Cube, who was also a guest on the show, spoke about his last time on the show, in which Kobe was present. He said one of the things he loved about Kobe was that he wanted to do more and make better use of his talents.

Ice also expressed that Kobe's spirit was a wonderful one, and he always looked for ways to be better even when he seemed to have reached the top. He said:

"We love Kobe's spirit more than anything."


Snoop Dogg has been open about his relationship with the pro baller and has made several posts on social media to honor Kobe and the victims of the helicopter crash, which included 13-year-old Gianna Bryant.

Amazingly and in a show of respect and love, Snoop dedicated his Sunday night concert in Detroit to the former Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard.

Snoop wore a yellow sweatsuit adorned with the Lakers' iconic purple logo for the performance during which one minute silence was held for Kobe and the victims of the crash.

Kobe's death has come as a shock to everyone who knew the athlete, but Snoop, who was his close friend, has taken the news in a hard and not to believe manner.