Ice-T & Wife Coco Encourage People to Save Water by Using Dishwasher in Cascade Ad & Fans Love It

Fans react positively to the innuendo portrayed by Ice T and his wife, Coco Austin, in an advertisement promoting water conservation with Cascade dishwasher pods.

In a scene portraying their home life in an advertisement for Cascade dishwashing pods, Ice T and his wife, Coco Austin, shared with their fans one of their favorite activities.

Walking through their kitchen with a bowl and spoon in his hand, Ice T teased fans about the favorite activity, saying that he and Coco "do it" after date night.

Following her husband's lead, Coco also admitted that they "do it after dinner" and sometimes after desert, Ice T added. Making the big reveal, Ice said:

"[We do it] by running over dishwasher every night with Cascade Platinum, we are only using four gallons of water per cycle."

They explained that with Cascade Platinum, it is possible to get the best clean from your dishes and save up to 100 gallons of water a week by "skipping the sink and running your dishwasher every night."

The couple's followers loved the cause they chose to support. One commenter praised them for the message of water conservation they are promoting.

A fan praise Coco Austin and Ice T for supporting water conservation efforts in an advertisement for Cascade Platinum | Source:

A fan praise Coco Austin and Ice T for supporting water conservation efforts in an advertisement for Cascade Platinum | Source:

The advertisement for Cascade has been such as hit with their fans, particularly because the sexual banter between the two gave their video a hilarious spin, one commenter said:

"The innuendo is FABULOUS ?? You are such a fantabulous couple. Love seeing you together ❤❤❤."

After accepting the initial shock that Ice T and Coco, who have a combined net worth of over $40 million actually do their own dishes, one fan just loved how adorable they looked together and admitted:

"Ughhh this is honestly ADORABLE!! I know it's an add but awwwww @icet @coco ??????."

In the 18 years since they first met, a lot has changed for Ice T and Coco, who met on the set of one of his music videos, when he approached her with a what she joked was a playful pick-up line.

Coco admits that since welcoming their daughter Chanel Nicole, their bond has gotten stronger. After sharing the secret of their nightly routine, the couple can also add doing dishes to their list of bonding activities.

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