'The Masked Singer' Fans Outraged after Miss Monster Is Eliminated over White Tiger

Stephen Thompson
Feb 13, 2020
03:46 P.M.
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This week's episode of "The Masked Singer" left fans outraged as the beloved Miss Monster was sent home. The revelation of her identity provoked even more protests from fans.


Fans are distraught over the elimination of yet another contestant, Miss Monster, from the Fox TV competition show, "The Masked Singer," with most furious that she was made to exit before contestant, White Tiger. 

Upon her elimination, the mask came off finally, of course, and her identity was revealed as African-American singer and songwriter, Chaka Khan.

Chaka Khan attends the 2020 VanitFair Oscar Party at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on February 09, 2020 | Source: Getty Images


Before the award-winning singer was voted out, the judges, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, and Leah Remini, attempted to guess the identities of the masked singers. 

Chaka's identity was rightly guessed even before she had to take off her pink furry mask. Following her elimination, Nicole said:

"I've just got to say, I have studied your voice so much. I'm so deeply inspired by you."



The heartbreaking episode was a Valentine's day special, which featured performances by Miss Monster, White Tiger, Kangaroo, and Turtle. The four competitors were voted for, and the costumed icon with the lowest vote was eliminated.

Fans were unsatisfied with the result of the votes, taking to social media platforms to voice their outrage. Most opined that the 66-year-old songwriter was more qualified than White Tiger, who luckily moved on to the finals. 

Her time on the show was more of a funfair than a competition.


One twitter user implored the showrunners to fix the glitch as "#WhiteTigerMask should have gone," in the fan-favorites stead.

Another enraged fan vented his frustration saying, "How on God's green earth is #MissMonsterMask going home before #WhiteTigerMask?" More viewers expressed their anger, all in disbelief of the outcome of the Valentine-themed episode's outcome.



Despite the outpouring by fans, the eliminated singer seems unaffected by the turn of events. The star admittedly wanted to do the show initially because she thought it a fun and clever idea. 

Her intention was to experience it, which she did to her satisfaction. Opening up about her experiences behind the pink mask, the songstress said:

"It was really much harder for me to do that than to just go on and sing the songs. So I just sang songs that people would not expect me to sing, you know? That's where the rub came in."



To the 66-year-old, her time on the show was more of a funfair than a competition, as she admitted that the affair was "just something new and crazy" for her to take on.

Chaka is not the first singer to have been unmasked this season. Since the premiere of the ongoing season 3 of the Fox TV show on February 2, several contestants have been eliminated. 

During the first episode, The Robot was unmasked and revealed to be rapper, Lil Wayne, to viewer's surprise. The rapper revealed that he joined the competition for his kids.

On February 5, another star, Drew Carey, was uncovered as the crooner behind the Llama mask. Chaka's elimination would make for the third this season, and indeed the most controversial.