Granger Smith Celebrates 10-Year Wedding Anniversary with Wife Amber in Heartwarming Post

A few months after losing their son to a tragic accident, Granger and Amber Smith acknowledge one another's strength during their ten years wedding anniversary appreciation post.

Every marriage is faced with its ups and downs. Some have to overcome more challenging issues than others.

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Missing my baby so much ❤️. People keep saying, “you’re so strong” “how are you functioning?” “I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed.” I am broken. My heart will never be the same. I will never be the same. Yes, I have strong moments, but I also (as any grieving mother would do) cry, scream, question, and fall to my knees. Then I get back up and fight. I just want to share my journey with all of you because it will be a long road, and if we can help at least one person going through something like this, then it is worth it to me to be open about my feelings, my faith, my struggles. To any of you experiencing a loss of any kind (and maybe I’m just trying to remind myself here) - You can do this. You can grieve and still be strong for your family, husband and or other kiddos. Lean in to Him in your weakness and learn to not beat yourself up (like I do) when you are having a moment of calm. Shut out the negative and focus on the light and the love. 💫 Be kind to those around you. Before you choose to judge or tear down, always try to encourage or lift people up. That person next to you, that car in front of you, that woman down the street, that man in your office, those kiddos in the store, you never know what kind of trials they are facing. Thank you all again for sharing your stories of loss with me, for lifting my family up through prayers and encouragement. YOU are the reasons for my strength at times and I’m so grateful. ♥️

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Following the challenging loss, Granger Smith and his wife experienced, the country singer took to Instagram to share a heartfelt post for their wedding anniversary. He said:

"It's not real."

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So @amberemilysmith posted this pic from today. I read her caption. I’m blown away (again) by her testimony. I literally asked her...can you send me that pic and that caption? I wouldn’t change a word of it. . Life is fragile and precious. Take the photos, but also be in the moment. Eat the cake, but also take care of your health. Dare mighty things, turn the music up and dance, say I love you. Pray about everything and try to worry about nothing. Think before you speak or type. Lift people up. This world will knock you down a time or 2 (or 10). Get back up. Keep fighting the good fight. Be happy for others, even when things may be hard for you. Try making God the first person you talk to before you start your day. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Love fiercely and choose joy anytime you can. Romans 12:12 ❤️🦋

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The line which is the prelude to a long heartwarming and tearjerking caption in which Granger describes what people saw when they looked at the picture of himself and his wife versus what he saw continued by saying:

"I see a girl hurting. Drawing on unimaginable strength just to continue on with necessary motherly duties… I see a man, savagely battling a relentless demon. Shielded only by faith."

The Instagram post which showed Granger and Amber draped in the sunset sky standing at the front of a blue wood-planked porch, leaning into each while sharing a kiss, was more than just a picture for Granger.

It was a reflection of more profound things, such as his failure as a father. The father of two further expressed in the caption that as much as society loves the newlyweds, the real celebration should be about old couples.

Those who hold hands and go through the ups and downs of marriage while still emerging strong.

The couple who met in an unusual manner have been held together by their faith in God.

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It’s not real. - What you see: A couple seemingly in love. Living out the fairytale story draped in the sunset sky with a blue wood planked porch, white antique rocking chair, barefoot, sun kissed hair and summer tanned skin. A couple without a care in the world because LOVE has so consumed them. - Oh yah, and there’s a camera dude. And another guy holding a bounce board for perfect light. There’s a slew of other characters behind that making damn sure the fairytale looks believable. It’s okay, it’s my job and I’m used to it. It’s part of what I do in the lens of a camera to sell a song or a lifestyle or a brand. But just because its for sale doesn’t make it 100% REAL. At some level, you (the reader of this post) will only see the side we allow you to see at the time. That’s how humans work. Anyone that’s ever chosen a family photo according to the least crooked of their crooked smiles, knows what I mean. - What I see: 2 people in a storm. Hanging on to God for truth and guidance like a lone fence post in a ravaging wind. I see a girl hurting. Drawing on unimaginable strength just to continue on with necessary motherly duties. Clinging to the Bible like it’s a life raft hurdling through an unknown sea. I see a man, savagely battling a relentless demon. Shielded only by Faith and masking the crippling weakness brought on by his deep shame; his failure as a father. - But we’re still in love. Stronger than ever before, but it feels different in its evolution now. It’s not the fairytale, but the vulnerability that fuels the fire. The very essence of what makes us human...bounded by integrity and truth but still fundamentally flawed...that makes our love mature. - It’s always sweet to see a young couple exchange vows and rings. But it’s truly special when you see the old couple holding hands on the sidewalk. Because you know the peaks and valleys they’ve climbed together, the storms they’ve weathered, the mature love that’s endured. THAT is the real fairytale. - I guess I just want to say that today is our 10 year wedding anniversary. And I love @amberemilysmith a whole bunch. And it will take more than “til death do us part.” ❤️🦋

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In the concluding part of the caption, the "Don't listen to the radio" crooner went on to thank his wife for an incredible ten years of marriage while promising to love her even till death do them apart.

Similarly, Amber took to Instagram to share a post of the same picture, which she captioned a little differently saying:

"All of this is real, raw, and so true. And I wouldn't change but one thing. He's not and never will be a failure to me. Happy 10, my warrior husband."

Granger Smith (R) and wife Amber Bartlett attend the 50th annual CMA Awards at the Bridgestone Arena on November 2, 2016 | Photo: Getty Images

Granger Smith (R) and wife Amber Bartlett attend the 50th annual CMA Awards at the Bridgestone Arena on November 2, 2016 | Photo: Getty Images

The couple's caption got the attention of many lovers of the family, with many taking to the comments section to share their opinions, congratulations, and prayers while encouraging them to be strong irrespective of their situation.

Things hit a speed bump for the couple when in June 2019, they lost their three-year-old son River in a tragic drowning accident.

Since the death of River, the two have been open about their struggles and how they try to stay strong for their remaining two children, seven-year-old daughter London and five-year-old Landon.

The couple who met in an unusual manner has been held together by their faith in God, acknowledging that the healing process has been solely God's doing.

Amber and Granger might have been hit by difficult times, but their love and strength in God have kept them going and waxing stronger in love.

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