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Three Hilarious Jokes about Our Furry Friends

Comfort Omovre
Feb 18, 2020
08:30 A.M.
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Animals and man tend to have funny and complicated relationships. From being man’s best friend as in the case of dogs to being jealous of man as in the case of cats. 


Animals and man have been together for a long time and have jokes centered around their existence. Here are some exciting and hilarious jokes about humans and some of their furry friends starting with cool penguins.

Photo of adult king penguins going to sea at St. Andrews Bay, South Georgia, Polar Regions | Photo: Getty Images


A man was driving around town with a truck full of penguins when he came across a police officer who stopped him and asked him to take the penguins to the zoo as he could not drive around with penguins.

The following day, the policeman sees the same man driving around with the penguins who had on sunglasses and approaches him, saying:

“I thought I told you to take these penguins to the zoo yesterday?”

Photo of an American Policeman standing beside a car | Photo: Getty Images


The driver smiled at the officer and told him that he took the penguins to the zoo as he instructed him to do but that at that moment, he was taking them to the beach.

Have you ever wondered how a chihuahua with its tiny size can kill a Great Dane? A dog owner had to find out shockingly.

Photo of a a great dane and a chihuahua, sniff each other out | Photo: Getty Images


A man walked up to his neighbors' property, inquiring if the dog at the entrance of the house was his as there seemed to be a problem between his neighbor’s Great Dane and his own Chihuahua.

The neighbor answered in the affirmative, stating that the Great Dane was his and inquired of what the issue could be. The owner of the Chihuahua then replied to his neighbor saying:

“I’m sorry, but my Chihuahua has killed your Great Dane.”

Photo of a tan and white Chihuahua running fast with mouth open in yellow grass. | Photo: Getty Images


Laughing, the owner of the Great Dane said it was not possible as the size difference would not allow for such. The neighbour agreed, saying that the death happened when the Great Dane tried to swallow his Chihuahua.

In another scenario, a man who had a troublesome cat decided to get rid of the cat as he was tired of it. He drove deep into the forest and let the cat out at an abandoned place, happy that he had gotten rid of it.

Photo of a Cat in autumn color leaves walking in a forest | Photo: Getty Images

A few hours later, the man’s wife called him, saying that the cat was back to the house. Surprised, the man asked his wife to put the cat on the phone as he needed to ask for directions seeing that he was lost in the forest.

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