February 18, 2020

Michael Landon's Son Chris Shared Photo with Husband Cody Morris and Their Kids for Valentine's Day

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Christopher Landon recently took to Instagram to share a family photo of him, his partner, and their son as they celebrated Valentine’s Day.

Not only is Christopher Landon, a successful Hollywood story, but the 44-year-old is also in a loving and committed relationship with his partner, Cody Morris.

Actor Michael Landon attends the Third Annual Moonlight Roundup Extravaganza to Benefit Free Arts for Abused Children | Photo: Getty Images


The “Paranormal Activity” writer took to Instagram to remind fans of his happy relationship with an adorable picture of him, Cody and their son, Beau Landon Morris.

"Christopher had also asked his followers to get ready for the endless posts of his son that he would be uploading."


Christopher, who shared the image in celebration of Valentine’s Day, captioned the post:

“My Valentines. A million smiles is a low estimate for the boundless joy they bring.”

Christopher, who became famous after he directed “Happy Death Day,” came out as gay in 1999, when though his mother, Lynn Noe, was hesitant to accept his sexuality.


Unfortunately, the screenwriter wasn’t privileged to share the news with his father, Michael Landon, who died in 1991.

Despite that, Christopher believed that his sexuality wouldn’t have mattered to his father in the long run.

According to an IMDB report, Michael was not only open-minded in his beliefs, but his public image was different “in many ways from who he was as a father and as a person.”


Even though Michael was an actor during his lifetime, Christopher chose not to tow that line, choosing instead to become a film director, producer, and screenwriter.

Over the years, it appeared that Christopher made the right decision as he has more than two successful movies to his name and while he had no immediate plans to do a Death Day threequel, he had started working on something with Blumhouse Productions.

However, Coming Soon reported that the producer had chosen to keep his lips sealed about what the project entailed.


He did, notwithstanding, express his excitement to make the movie as it was one of those movies that made people ask, “why hasn’t that been done before?”

His involvement with the Blumhouse project tallies with the father-of-one’s goal to never make the same movie twice.

The star had made that fact known during a sit-down with “SR Trailers and Interviews” for the promotion of his 2019 mystery-slasher film “Happy Death Day 2U.”


Amid all the news of his career success, Gaystar News divulged that he and Cody welcomed their son in April 2017.

According to the news outlet, the “Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse” director broke the news on Instagram in a post where he called Beau, the “light of our lives.”

Christopher B. Landon attends Halloween Horror Nights Opening Night Red Carpet at Universal Studios Hollywood | Photo: Getty Images

Christopher had also asked his followers to get ready for the endless posts of his son that he would be uploading.