Donny & Marie Osmond's Children Have Already Started Their Own Families — Meet Them

Marie and Donny Osmond have both successful in their musical careers yet take pride in having beautiful kids and grandchildren.

Marie Osmond must love being a mother as her family has grown bigger and bigger through the years with her children already having families of their own.


The first of Osmond's five adopted children, Jessica, recently tied the knot with her now-wife, Sara and made the singer extremely happy.

After the "Paper Roses" singer posted her congratulations to the couple, many fans commended the artist for supporting her daughter's decision to be part of the LGBT community.


The singer welcomed her first child Stephen James Craig in 1983, together with her then BYU basketball player husband, Stephen Lyle Craig.

Stephen grew up to be an actor known for the television movie "It Nearly Wasn't Christmas" and announced his engagement in 2011. 

He now has three kids named Stephen Jr., Christian, and Maxwell. Their grandmother once posted about them. Osmond wrote:

"These adorable people are my grandchildren, and this is the first photo taken of me with all four of them. Let's just say that getting everyone to look at the camera was an impossibility!"

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These adorable people are my grandchildren, and this is the first photo taken of me with all four of them. ♥️ Let’s just say that getting everyone to look at the camera was an impossibility! #GoodAsItGets 🤣😂🤣 We did our Thanksgiving celebration a few days early and then the day after took them to the Nutcracker movie. Nothing makes me happier or brings me more peace than being with them because they are a constant reminder of what is truly important in my life. Being a grandma to these precious children is the most remarkable feeling, I love it!!! 😍 • I am so grateful for them and for all the other blessings in my life. Although I have made mistakes as everyone has, I have tried to rebound from each one filled with more knowledge which gives me greater hope. I believe the main reason I have been able to bounce back or stay resilient with my mistakes is because of the basic things my sweet Mother taught me. • Nothing is more gratifying than finding peace with your family, friends and loved ones. After all... tiz the season of peace. 😊🎄 Read more about how to find this peace on my Facebook page and

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Rachel is Osmond's second child with her second husband, Brian Blosil. The singer's daughter grew up to be a creative costume designer for her mother and uncle and later became a hairstylist. 

In 2013, Rachel married Gabriel Krueger in an intimate ceremony on Christmas Day. The couple had their first child, Rocket Jade, in 2015, followed by their first son in 2019. 

The proud grandmother took to social media to introduce the new addition of her growing family, adding that Rocket Jade was "excited" to have a baby brother.


Osmond's youngest daughter, Abigail, recently turned 17-years-old and spent a lot of time with her talented mother. 

Because Abigail is still young with no family of her own, she has been enjoying her youth. In 2007, Osmond divorced the teen's father, Blosil, and remarried Craig in 2011.

Despite the little chaos in her life, Abigail was well-guided by Craig, who stood as an excellent stepfather figure to her.

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This #Christmas has been so incredible! The photo with the babies are our three little piglets 🤣, as we affectionately call them. My husband Steve and I are so blessed to have most of our children and our adorable grand babies running around and around and around the house! But more than anything, this Christmas has brought back so many memories of times I watched my Mother with her grandchildren during Christmases past. She taught me how to be a mom and now a grandmother by example. The second photo is of a plant I gave my Mom that I keep in my sewing room in Utah. I went there for a day right before my symphony shows and when I walked in, it was in full bloom... The Christmas Cactus! 🌵🌺 When my sweet Mother was bedridden by her debilitating stroke, I surrounded her with the things she loved—from photos to music to books I would read to her, and sewing shows on TV. But the first thing I brought to the hospital was this beautiful Christmas Cactus that’s now in my home, her favorite plant! Oh and she LOVED her plants! A “Christmas Cactus” by virtue of it’s name, is supposed to only bloom around Christmas time, but I swear this one is magical. It’s like my Mom still expresses her happiness through it, because it blooms on special occasions throughout the year. It even bloomed overnight the day I decided to be single again. 🤣 But mostly, this little cactus has felt like a beautiful welcome each time I come here from my sweet Mother. Today her Christmas Cactus is a sweet metaphor to me of the continual love and consistency we need in our lives. Especially now, more than ever, in this world of constant change and chaos. Mom would say to me, “people change, but truth does not, as people we are fickle, but God does not change. He is consistent in His love, acceptance and truth.” I am confident that 2020 is going to be an epic year! I am going to pray, read, study and serve with more consistency and love! I am contemplating new goals to help me continually grow and I would love to hear some of yours! #HappyNewYear dear friends, I love you all!

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Two years ago, Osmond's adopted daughter Brianna married David Schwep and had a daughter, Maude Bailey-Moon Schwep.


Donny Osmond also has children of his own, Jeremy, Josh, Brandon, and Donald Jr. Jeremy was the first to make the singer a grandfather with his wife, Melisa.

Recently, Donny's youngest son Josh got engaged to his girlfriend, Summer, which the "Season's of Love" artist shared about on Instagram. He wrote:

"We are beyond thrilled that Summer will be joining our family! It was a picture-perfect Valentine's Day, and an incredible kickoff to Josh's birthday weekend."

Donald Jr., the eldest of the siblings, married Jessica Nelson in 2010 and had his first child in 2013. Brandon, like his siblings is also a married man to a beautiful lady named Shelby. 

Chris also recently married his fiancé, Alta, whose family gets along well with the Osmonds, as told by the singer in a Facebook post.

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