Camille Winbush from 'Bernie Mac Show' Shows off Her Singing Voice as She Belts out Johnnyswim's 'Take the World'

American actress and recording artist, Camille Winbush shows off her voice in a new video as she croons her rendition of Johnny Swim's "Take The World."

Best known for her role as Vanessa Thompkins in "Bernie Mac Show," Camille Winbush has come a long way since her days as uncle Bernie's rebellious teenage niece.

In addition to her acting prowess, the now 30-year-old has proven to be an extraordinary singer with a voice to kill for.

Camille Winbush at the "There's No Place Like Home" 20th AnniverSoiree on November 5, 2017. | Photo: Getty Images

Camille Winbush at the "There's No Place Like Home" 20th AnniverSoiree on November 5, 2017. | Photo: Getty Images

The recording artist took to Instagram to show off her spectacular singing prowess as she belted out the lyrics of "Take The World" by Johnny Swims.

Her rendition, which has since garnered over forty-eight thousand views and several commendations from fans, was inspired by a recent encounter with the "Take The World" star. She captioned the post:

"Saw Johnnyswim live in concert tonight and was inspired to sing again."

The former child star has an extraordinary singing history, with songs like "One Small Voice" and "The Night Before Christmas," still making favorite lists years after she went off the art.

Over the years, the 40-year-old has been considered a great singer by many, landing singing gigs on some Hollywood productions, including the soundtrack of Disney's "Geppetto."

Camille paved her way to stardom as the teenager with an attitude

Aside from music, the actress has starred in "Grey's Anatomy," "The Secret Life Of The American Teenager," "The Choir," "Bachelor Lions" and "Muna" among others since her run on "Bernie Mac Show."

Her years in the entertainment industry, since debuting at the age of two, has helped her gather a stream of knowledge. When asked about some of the advice she has held on to in her years in showbiz, the icon explained what Bernie Mac told her:

" He told me that, 'When people call you a star, you're so famous, you're this and that, don't let it go to your head. Stars are in the sky, and stars can fall."

It can be recalled that the singing beauty starred in the Fox television series from 2001 to 2006 as the eldest of Uncle Bernie's sister's kids who became his responsibility overnight.

For five seasons and 104 episodes, Camille paved her way to stardom as the teenager with an attitude, as Bernie and his wife, Wanda, struggled with their new status as foster parents of three.

The final episode of the show aired in 2006 when the young actress was sixteen.

The Fox TV show, which was Camille's breakthrough role, has remained her most prominent stint to date.

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