Tori Roloff From LPBW Shares Detailed Update About Baby Lilah Ray's Growth as She Turns 3 Months Old

"Little People, Big World" star Tori Roloff celebrated her daughter turning 3-months-old by detailing all the milestones her new-born Lilah had achieved the past month

One month has gone by since Tori Roloff from "Little People, Big World" last gave her fans an update on the developmental progress of her new-born daughter has made. 

In honor of baby Lilah turning 3-months-old, Tori admitted that the past month has been "eventful" since she last posted about her daughter reaching a milestone when she turned another month older.

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Wow. 3 months. What an eventful month it’s been. Sickness has finally hit our household and the last week have been straight up miz at the roloff household. Lilah is one sick girlsie but you’d never know it by these photos. She still has her moments of smiley girlsie but we immediately put our jammies back on after this little photoshoot and she’s napping as I write this. She has not one but two viruses but honestly is handling it like a freaking champ. Praying we’re almost out of the hole! Having a sick infant is no joke and is scary when you literally can’t help them. But this girl is a strong one and this mama is stronger too. Anyway!! Here’s what happened this month! 💗 Lilah has gained some major neck control! 💪🏼 She was only waking once a night (praying this happens again once we kick this bug) 😴 Lilah weighs 12 pounds! 🙌🏼 She went on her first airplane ride ✈️ She went to Disneyland °o° She recognizes mama dada and baby j! 👦🏻👩🏻👦🏻 She has found her hands and loves to suck on them. 🙌🏼 She’s showed us all she’s a strong girl and can fight through anything! 👊🏼 💗 Keep growing Lilah Ray! #lilahrayroloff #zandtpartyoffour

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Pulling out the same set up with a sheet that had a rose pointing to Lilah's age, she laid a fully blossomed pink rose on the three-month mark.

For her special day, Tori had her daughter wearing her signature bow on her head. Lilah was dressed in leaf printed dress and black leggings.

Detailing how tough it had been reaching the three-month mark, Tori said the family has been dealing with a sickness that had made everyone a bit miserable lately, she revealed:

"Lilah is one sick girlsie but you'd never know it by these photos. She still has her moments of smiley girlsie."

Tori said it has been difficult dealing with Lilah having "not one but two viruses." The mother of two hoped that this would be the end of the sick period she been going through. Regardless, Tori gushed that Lilah is a strong girl. 

Sharing the happier events in the past month, she said her new-born is strengthening her neck control and has discovered her hands, which she loves to suck on. One fan shared her sorrow over Lilah being sick and sent well-wishes to the whole family.

A fan comments on Tori Roloff's picture celebrating her daughter Lilah turning three months old | Source:

A fan comments on Tori Roloff's picture celebrating her daughter Lilah turning three months old | Source:

Tori also shared that Lilah recognizes both her parents. Making the month even sweeter, she said they took her on her first flight to Disneyland.

Tori and Zach took their children on a trip of a lifetime and were joined by the family patriarch, Matt Roloff, and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

It is reported, as Tori and Zach adjust to having a second child, their eldest son Jackson is also getting used to the latest addition in the family.

Tori revealed that while he was hesitant at first to hold his little sister, he is now getting comfortable with her and enjoys planting little kisses on her forehead.

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