Eric & Courtney Waldrop from 'Sweet Home Sextuplets' Have a 24-Year-Long Relationship — inside Their Love Story

Bettina Dizon
Mar 01, 2020
01:22 A.M.
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Eric and Courtney Waldrop are loving partners and parents of nine adorable children, six of whom were born at the same time.


Two years ago, the world met Eric and Courtney Waldrop’s family, composed of their three sons and sextuplets. Here’s a look at the 24-year love story of the Waldrops.


The couple met at a young age as they went to the same school. According to Courtney, she fell in love with Eric as she first laid eyes on him. He added:

“We’ve been together since eighth grade and never been with anybody else. So it’s kind of like one of those I guess you could say not high-school sweethearts; junior-high sweethearts.”

The two remained at a close distance, attending the same college, Auburn University in Alabama, and graduated at the same time. 


Eric proposed to her even before they finished college, so a month after graduation in May 2004, the two tied the knot.


The couple welcomed their first child, Saylor, without any complications. However, Courtney experienced a miscarriage during her second pregnancy and was diagnosed with a blood-clotting disorder.


To safely and successfully have more kids, Courtney had to get help from fertility treatments -- and so they did and went on to have twin boys, Wales and Bridge.

After discussing family plans, the couple agreed to have one more addition to their family. They sought help again from fertility treatments, but what happened next was beyond their imagination.


The big family recently celebrated the day their sextuplets arrived and entered their lives and took to social media to pay tribute to their little angels.


Courtney carried her six kids for 30 weeks -- ten weeks short of the average period for carrying one child. Often in similar cases, complications arise after the birth of multiple babies.

Two of the six infants had to remain in the hospital for 53 days following their birth, while three were confined for 72 days.


The six new additions to their family, Rawlings, River, Rayne, Tag, Blue, and Layke, joined their three boys. The parents said:

“I think our three boys will do really good. They’ve adjusted well and are really not acting like it’s bothered them whatsoever.” 

The birth of their six kids cultivated a new show for the family-of-eleven called “Sweet Home Sextuplets,” which premiered on TLC and featured the family’s crazy adventures.

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While sometimes, having more children can spark arguments for couples who have nearly polar opposite personalities, having six more strengthened the Waldrops' bond. Courtney shared:

“I know that people would just say I’m just saying this, but honestly, I would say that our relationship is stronger now than ever. We have nine kids together, and he’s my rock, and he gets me through. We have to be there for one another.”


Additionally, the couple is having fun with a crazy, sometimes chaotic household with many babies who brighten their every day.

The big family recently celebrated the day their sextuplets entered their lives and took to social media to pay tribute to their little angels.

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Courtney shared a photo on Instagram of herself and her husband, sitting on the couch, holding three babies each. She wrote:

“2 years ago today was the sextuplets due date!! The babies were born 10 weeks early and the last of the 3 babies (the 3 baby boys) were brought home on this day!! A day we will never forget.”

Parents can learn a lot from a couple like the Waldrops as they watch their daily struggles and celebrations every Monday on TLC.