Daily Joke: A Young Man Needed to Borrow Some Money

Kareena Koirala
Mar 02, 2020
03:00 A.M.
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A young man needed to borrow money to fix his broken car. He had been taking the local commute to work for three days and his boss was mad at him because he never made it on time. 


The man had spent all his money on a Hawaiian vacation that his girlfriend so wanted to go. He would get his paycheck the upcoming week, but he desperately needed some money to fix his ride. 

He called up some friends but they said that they didn't have enough money to lend. He had run out of people to borrow money from. Hopeless, he went to a bar and ordered a beer.  


Finally, the man decided to swallow his pride and call up his parents. He got his father on the phone and began to speak nervously. 

"Dad? I need a small favor from you," he said. 

"Okay... what is it?" the father asked. 



"I need to borrow $500," the man said nervously.

Come again?" the father replied. "I can't hear you properly. Must be a network error."

"I need to borrow $500 from you, dad," the man said a little louder this time. 

A nervous man. | Source: Pexels


"Oh! This network is seriously a pain! Can I call you back after some time? I can't hear a thing!" the father exclaimed. 

"Five hundred dollars! I need five hundred dollars to fix my damn car!" the man shouted.

Suddenly, the operator's voice rang in out of nowhere. 


"Sorry to interrupt, but I can hear him perfectly, sir," they said. 

"Good. Then why don't you send him the money!"

Source: startsat60



A father and son go fishing one day. Towards the evening, they sat around a campfire and started eating the fish that they had prepared. 

"Dad, is it okay to eat a bug?" the son asked. 

"That's disgusting! You know how I cannot stand bugs. You shouldn't talk while eating, son," the father replied. 


The son made a sad face and went back to eating in silence. After a while, the father finished eating and turned towards his son. 

"What was it that you were talking about?"

"Nothing. There was a filthy bug in the soup that you just ate."

Source: startsat60

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