February 28, 2020

Joanna Gains, Mother of Five, Reflects on Beautiful Moments in Parenting as Teen Son Drake Gets His Driver's Permit

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Joanna Gaines is a proud mom as she took to social media to share a picture of her older son, Drake who just got a driver's license. 

It's no secret that the Gaines have sincere love for their kids as they can often be seen posting pictures of them on their social media pages.

This time, Joanna Gaines, who has been feeling enormous parenting pangs recently, took to her Instagram page to post a picture of Drake, her eldest son. 

Joanna Gaines discusses new book, "Capital Gaines: Smart Things I Learned Doing Stupid Stuff" at Build Studio on October 18, 2017 | Photo: Getty Images


The picture was a back shot of the aging teen who, according to Joanna, now has a driver's permit. The proud mother had a lengthy caption to go with the post. The 41-year-old wrote,

"Drake waited in line for an hour and finally got called up to get his driver's permit, and then my 15-year-old little boy drove home with Chip, and all of a sudden, he is all grown up."

Joanna, then, went on to explain that the news coincides with her teaching Crew how to climb stairs cause he is still unstable.


Crew reportedly used to reach for her hand whenever he climbed the stairs, but now, the 1-year-old has insisted on doing it himself. 

Though there's a vast difference between the level of independence both boys now exhibit, Joanna says how she feels about them is similar. 

The 41-year-old author shared that she and her husband made it a tradition to spend valentine's day with their kids. 


Though the post is barely more than a day old, it has garnered lots of positive and heartwarming comments from fans of the "Magnolia" writer.

Fans took to the comments section with compliments and praises. It didn't escape the notice of many, that Drake looked just like his father, Chip Gaines. A fan observed,

"I can't believe he is old enough for a permit already! He looks like Chip from the back, just a tad thinner."  


The post comes days after Joanna shared one of their family traditions with her fans on Instagram, when she posted a clip that revealed something her husband and kids loved to do together — cooking.

In her caption, the 41-year-old author shared that she and her husband made it a tradition to spend valentine's day with their kids. 

"We stay home, get all dressed up, and cook a fancy (and clearly messy) meal," she wrote, adding that it was also a chance for her to make something out of her famous "Magnolia" cookbook.

Chip and Joanna Gaines have been married since 2003, and they have five kids between them. Asides from Drake and Crew, they have three more kids — Ella Rose, Emmie Kay, and Duke.