NCIS: NOLA Fans Think Pride Was Deceived in the Latest Episode

Aby Rivas
Mar 04, 2020
02:30 P.M.
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On the latest episode of “NCIS: New Orleans,” the team investigated the murder of a JAG captain who was found by his presumably innocent daughter. However, fans of the series believe the girl played team captain Dwayne Pride in the end.


Season 6, Episode 13 of “NCIS: New Orleans” aired on Sunday, and it left fans of the show talking about one character in particular.

Scott Bakula on "NCIS: NOLA" Season 5, "Crab Mentality" - Feb. 19, 2019 | Photo: GettyImages


The episode, titled “The Root Of All Evil,” follows Agent Dwayne Pride, played by Scott Bakula, and Agent Hannah Khoury, played by Necar Zadegan, as they try to solve the murder of an active duty JAG captain murdered in cold blood at his home.

With the death of agent Christopher LaSalle at the beginning of the season, Pride has been quite distracted while dealing with the loss and a series of nightmares and insomnia. In this episode, he gets a soft spot for the daughter of the victim, which potentially compromises his instincts.



Captain John Garrett was found by his daughter, Selina, who tried to revive him after failing to find his pulse by giving him CPR. In her desperation, the young woman messed with the crime scene, leaving her prints all over the place, making the teamwork even more complicated.

When Pride and Khoury try to talk with Selina, she’s in a state of shock and can’t offer many details. However, she asks Pride to “please find the person that did this to my father.”


Back in their headquarters, the team discovers there is a former inmate who was sent to jail thanks to Captain Garrett—who worked in the military court—and had been sending threatening letters to the man for the past five years and up to three weeks before the murder.

The man, Lawrence Chastang, becomes their primary suspect. As they go to chase him, agent Tammy Gregorio, played by Vanessa Ferlito, discovers the crime’s weapon in the trunk of Chastang’s car.

Chastang is immediately arrested after the team realizes he’s in the same cafeteria as Selina, as they believe he was going after her.



Although Chastang admitted to having written the threatening letters to Captain Garrett, he claims he turned his life around in jail and stopped sending threats years ago.

While Agent Gregorio is convinced Chastang is the killer, they don’t have enough proof to tie him to the murder because the killer weapon didn’t have his prints. On top of that, the team discovers that Selina is the sole heir to Garrett’s fortune.

Selina has an alibi. She was with her therapist at the time of the murder. However, Pride confronts her when he discovers she withheld information about a person who could have been keen on hurting her father: her ex-fiancé, Mason.


Scott Bakula as Special Agent Dwayne Pride and Vanessa Ferlito as Tammy Gregorio, "NCIS: New Orleans" | Photo: GettyImages

Captain Garrett didn’t approve of Mason and Selina’s relationship, and on their engagement party, the two men got into a confrontation that led to the couple calling off their relationship.



Once Mason is brought in for interrogation, Selina becomes visibly agitated, and Pride believes it is because she’s afraid of her ex.

However, Khoury points out that special agent Sebastian Lund, who was on a training camp, took a fresh look at the crime scene pictures and realized that Selina deliberately contaminated the scene to cover up for someone’s fingerprints and shoeprints.


Pride and Khoury theorize that Selina and Mason faked their split because Captain Garrett gave Selina an ultimatum: if she married Mason, she wouldn’t inherit his money. The couple then conspired to kill Captain Garrett because, as Pride said, they had three million reasons to do it.


The team decides to use the old divide and conquer technique with Selina and Mason. They try to convince each of them that the other will betray them and confess to the crime.

And it would’ve worked if it wasn’t for Mason, who realizes the team has no real proof to back their theory and asks to be freed, collecting Selina on his way out.


With no real proof to arrest either Selina or Mason, the team accepts their defeat and goes out for a drink. Then, Pride gets a call, and he’s summoned to Selina’s home.

There, he finds out she killed Mason after claiming he tried to hurt her. She also tells Pride Mason did kill her father, and thanks him for everything he did to help her. Pride is taken aback and visibly uncomfortable.



With the last scene of the episode focusing on Selina’s change of expression from sorrowful to calculating, fans of the show are convinced that she was the mastermind behind the murder of her father and her boyfriend.

Most people agreed about Pride being played by the allegedly naïve and innocent girl, and one even suggested Selina will become a serial killer that the team will have to deal with for a long time.

Here are some of the comments:


“NCIS: New Orleans” airs Sundays on CBS at 10:00 PM.

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