Ray J and Princess Love from LHHH Slammed for Making Reality Show out of Their Marriage Problems

Maria Varela
Mar 19, 2020
05:40 A.M.
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Many are criticizing Ray J and Princess Love for using their marital issues as a means for financial gain through their new show. However, the couple have their own reasons for taking their issues public.  

Ray J and Princess Love have launched their new reality show where fans get to witness them hashing out their marriage problems. But not everyone is impressed with their new venture. Many are criticizing the couple for cashing in on their marital issues.



Ray J’s recent posts promoting the four-part series, “The Conversation” earned a lot of flak in his comments section. One fan wrote, “Making a mockery of their own marriage, smdh,” while another added, “These 2 will do anything for a check.”

A third commenter advised, “Really need to stop putting the public in their business” and someone questioned, “Why everything has to be in the public eye?’

A fan reacted to Princess’ post promoting the show by asking why the couple have to publicize their marital issues...Princess' response confused another fan.



Many have witnessed how Ray J and Princess’ marriage crumbled after an explosive fight in Las Vegas last year. Princess accused her husband of abandoning her and their daughter, Melody after storming out of their hotel room following their argument.

Princess, who gave birth to their son before the New Year has since threatened divorce. This is in spite of Ray J’s efforts to apologize. He also denied abandoning his family.


The estranged spouses are currently living separately with Ray J moving out of their home and residing in an apartment nearby. Word is they’re in a better place living apart. Ray J visits their children who live with Princess. The pair also went out on a date on Valentine’s Day.

Now it appears the couple has found an avenue where they can openly deal with the problems of their marriage. In the show’s preview, Princess is face to face with Ray J and grills him about the abandonment incident.

Ray J and Princess love with their daughter, Melody Love Norwood at the BET Awards in June 2019. | Photo: Getty Images



A fan reacted to Princess’ post promoting the show by asking why the couple have to publicize their marital issues. In response, Princess wrote,

“This is actually the only way I could get him to sit down and talk to me.”

Princess’ response confused another fan who subsequently asked, “So basically he’ll only talk to you for a check?! I’m confused.”

Another fan expressed, “Wow I don’t even think I would waste my time if he only wanted to talk to me on TV in front of the world what a [expletive].”


Ray J and Princess have been married for four years and share two children. Ray J told the viewers of “The Talk” that his marriage is currently on a “rocky, bumpy road” but they’re “trying to figure it out.” He also said he hopes those going through the same situation could learn from their story through the show.