Daily Joke: A Guy Was Walking down the Street When He Was Approached by a Shabby-Looking Man

Busayo Ogunjimi
Mar 20, 2020
06:00 A.M.
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A married man decides to take a shabby-looking homeless man home for a hot meal with his wife — a good samaritan. Wrong!! his reason will crack you up.


A man in his middle ages was trudging down the street when his attention was caught by a particularly dirty and foul-smelling man who asked if he could have some money. 

Photo of a young homeless man sitting on the street and begging. | Photo: Getty Images


The man determined to walk past decided at the last minute to give something. He pulled out $10 and held it out to the older man while asking him what he would be using the money for. 

The beggar seemed at a loss for words, so the man asked him, "If I give you this money, will you buy beer with it instead of dinner?"

Photo of a business man and homeless man sitting by the street | Photo: Getty Images


In his reply, the shabby man revealed that he had quit drinking years back. Nodding, the man once again asked if he would use the money to gamble rather than purchasing food. 

To that, the older man replied, saying he was not a gambling man. Again the man asked if the beggar would rather spend the money playing golf instead of getting food.

Photo of a business man giving money to a homeless man | Photo: Getty Images


The man immediately exclaimed that he hadn't touched a golf stick in 20 years. The man smiled broadly, obviously satisfied with answers he asked more questions. 

"Will you spend the money on a night with a woman instead of food?" he asked, to which the beggar replied by wondering out loud what he could get for ten bucks. 

Photo of a kind-hearted businessman giving part of his big meat burger to a homeless man | Photo: Getty Images


Satisfied with all the answers to his questions, he looked the beggar in the eye and put the money back in his bag. He then revealed to the beggar that he had decided not to give him money but that he would take him home to have dinner with his wife. 

On hearing this, the dirty looking man could not hide the amazement from his face as he asked if the man was sure about his decision to take a nasty looking man home. 

A polite and kind man is pictured helping a homeless person who is sitting on the stairs in the city underground | Photo: Getty Images

The man smiled and replied, assuring the beggar it was all ok — he thought it was important for his wife to see what a man looks like after he gives up beer, gambling, golf, and sex. 

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