Daily Joke: A Woman Is Diagnosed with Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder

Lois Oladejo
Mar 24, 2020
08:00 A.M.
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A woman was diagnosed with Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder, A.A.A.D.D., which meant that she found it difficult to focus on a task before getting distracted with another. 

Here is a quick narration of an example of the woman's day and how her condition manifests. On a particular day, the woman decided to water her flower tubs.

She turned on the hose, peeked at her car and noticed that it was dirty and needed to be washed, so she made for the porch to get her car keys. On the way to get the keys, the woman noticed she had a mail waiting on the porch. 

Photo of a happy woman holding keys to her new house | Photo: Getty Images


Unsurprisingly, she decided to read the contents of the mail before going back to wash her car. The woman dropped her car keys on the table and put the mail inside the bin under her table. 

On doing that, she also noticed that her bin was full, and she decided that it was best to empty it first. Then, a thought crossed her mind that she could also run down to the mailbox and pay the bills first. 

Photo of a beautiful woman carrying a recycling bin | Photo: Getty Images


With that, she took her checkbook off the table and found that there was only one check left in it because the extra checks were on the computer desk. 

So, the woman went inside her house to get more checks. She saw that she had a can of soft drink that was half-drunk, and thought to push the can aside before looking for her checks so that she won't spill it over.

Photo of a young woman wearing pyjama in kitchen at home using cell phone | Photo: Getty Images


The drink began to get warm, which made her decide to put it in the fridge. On her way to do so, she noticed that a vase of flowers needed watering. 

She put the drink on the window ledge and found her reading glasses, which she had been looking. The best to do then was to put them back on her computer table, but she needed to water the flowers first. 

Photo of an anxious beautiful woman sitting at table | Photo: Getty Images


She returned the glasses to the window ledge, filled a container with water, and to her surprise, she found the television remote on the kitchen table. 

To avoid looking for the remote much later, the woman decided to put it back in the living room but wanted to water the flowers first. So, she pours some water on the flowers, with few droplets spilling on the floor. 

Photo of mature woman nurturing plants in living room | Photo: Getty Images


She dropped the remote on the kitchen table and got some towels to clean the spilled water. The woman then made for the hall, trying hard to remember what she was trying to do. 

At the end of the day, she realized that she was tired and noticed all the things that are left undone, such as the tubs which weren't watered, the unwashed car, the unpaid bills, the warm soft drink on the window ledge. 

Photo of a pensive young woman wearing pullover | Photo: Getty Images


There was also the checkbook with one check, the missing remote, and her missing glasses, as well as her lost car keys. The woman thought hard about why she had so much undone despite being busy all day. 

She also realized that she had a serious problem that warranted medical help, and decided to seek help, but first, she needs to check her email. Back to square one!

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