March 09, 2020

Daily Joke: Woman Notices Her Former Love at the Bar and Tells Her Husband about Him

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A man and his wife were eating out one evening when the wife looked around and spotted a familiar face in the restaurant. She immediately recognized the man as an old flame.

"Sweetheart," she began, as she lowered her voice, "that man at the bar has been drinking ever since I left him seven years ago." Her husband hissed without looking up;

"Don't be silly. No one would celebrate for that long."

A man and his wife checking out a mail | Photo: Getty Images


Before that time, the couple was preparing to celebrate their second anniversary. Bill, the husband, knew his wife would be terribly upset if he didn't get her an anniversary present. He asked around and then settled for a huge bouquet.

To add a bit of romance, he arranged that the flowers be delivered to his home first thing in the morning with the note:

"Happy Anniversary Year Number Two!"

A picture of a man standing by a flower shop in Yerevan, Armenia | Photo: Getty Images


The morning of the anniversary came, and surely, a knock was heard on the front door. Bill pretended to be asleep, and his wife had to attend to the knocking."What kind of stupid joke is this?" She said after opening the door.

Bill jumped up as his wife's question jarred in his ears. She threw the flowers in his face. The first thing Bill noticed was the note. It read "Happy Anniversary You're Number Two!"

A woman holding a bouquet of flowers. | Photo: Shutterstock


Another couple was having their share of marital problems. Mary and Dave were a happy couple that got along well. The only problem was Dave's tardiness, he never got home on time for dinner.

After consistent nagging from Mary on how much eating dinner together meant to her, Dave promised to change. He propped down on one knee and vowed:

"Mary, I promise I am turning over a new leaf. From now on, I will be on time for dinner!"

A man and his wife in a warm embrace | Photo: Pixabay


The next day, the married man closed his shop promptly at 5 p.m so he could arrive home on time. Just as he entered the parking lot, a car appeared out of nowhere and hit him. Dave was rushed to the hospital at once.

After three hours, the doctors decided the injured man was good enough to go home. Dave arrived at around 8: p.m. to meet an already livid wife.

A woman covering her ears as her husband snored beside her. | Photo: Getty images

"I'm sorry. I can explain," he started with a plea in his eyes, "I got run over by a car." "Really? Is that the best you can come up with?" Mary screamed, "It takes 3 hours to get run over by a car?!"

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