Little Kids Greet Their Grandparents through Glass Door in Touching Photo & Twitter Reacts

Jaimie-lee Prince
Mar 21, 2020
07:00 A.M.
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Among the endless stories emerging from the need to self-quarantine due to the coronavirus, one bittersweet moment captured the hearts of many on Twitter. Safety doesn't mean separation. 


A photograph that came from Norwich, Norfolk in England, is warming hearts all over the globe and reminding people everywhere that COVID-19 doesn't stop people from spreading love. 

ITV weatherman Chris Page shared the image to Twitter on Wednesday, citing a friend as the originator. He also added words of advice for everyone out there. The post is found below.

Coming together amid COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic forced many to self-isolate, and persons are being told not to come within six feet of others. However, this family used a trick to unite grandparents with their grandchildren. 


In the touching photo, we see as two elderly persons in their robes bend down to greet two young tots wearing navy coats. The grandparents are inside their home, and the kids are outside. 


Persons react online

The grandparents have their hands raised to the glass door, as do the young children. Both look as if they are touching despite the glass present between them. 


The photograph gained a lot of reactions on Twitter, where people couldn't help but express how the beautiful moment had made them feel. For at least one person, it was more bittersweet than anything. 


"This makes me happy and also sad," wrote Twitter user Laura Tobin. Of course, it would be better if there were no restrictions at all between families and how they interact. 


Others not as fortunate

However, the family is somewhat lucky that they have options. The Washington Post recently reported on how millions in the US who are vulnerable have to care for their grandchildren. 

For example, Cassandra Gentry, who is 68, takes care of her nine-year-old granddaughter and her 14-year-old grandson. She says it's difficult after being told not to hug her kids whom she is so close to. 


Celebrating a birthday

Still, another family, this one in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, had a similar moment when Valerie and Sam Horncastle, grandparents, visited their grandkids. 

Both 89, the Horncastles surprised granddaughter Lauren Godfrey for her thirtieth birthday. BBC reports that the elderly couple said they couldn't resist going to see the woman blow out her candles. 

The elders also surprised their great-grandchildren Annabella, three, and Margo, four months. Godfrey had initially planned to go out for her birthday, but she thought it best to stay home. 


Announcing an engagement

Back home in North Carolina, one woman announced her engagement to her grandfather through a glass window because of the quarantine. Carly Boyd got engaged as COVID-19 started impacting the world. 

She and her grandfather share a close bond, so she had to tell him. However, when Boyd arrived at the Premiere Living & Rehab Center, where her granddad stays, she did what she had to do to take precaution. 

Shelton is 87, so while he stood inside, Boyd remained behind clear glass. When the time was right, she put her hand up and pointed to the engagement band on her finger. 


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