March 25, 2020

Tom Hanks' Son Chet Roasts Coronavirus Conspiracy Theorists in an Instagram Post

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Tom Hanks' son Chet takes to Instagram to debunk ridiculous conspiracy theories sprawling the internet about his father.

Amidst serious allegations and Illuminati conspiracy theories made against Tom Hanks by alleged Donald Trump supporters, Chet took to his Instagram to share a video in which he debunked the rumors as light-heartedly as he could. With dripping sarcasm, Chet said:

"It's been coming to my attention that a lot of Trump supporters have been figuring out the truth about me in my family."

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson attend the Unveiling of the Fully Restored Saban Building at Petersen Automotive Museum on December 4, 2018, in Los Angeles, California. | Photo: Getty Images.


Chet continued, joking that he had heard the allegations against his family, naming them as members of the popularly known occultic group, "The Illuminati." While referring to the group, the 29-year-old displayed the "All-Seeing Eye" tattoo on his chest.

The "All-Seeing Eye" has often been mistaken to be a symbol of the group, according to several conspiracy theories and the general public. However, in truth, The All-Seeing Eye of Providence is actually an unpopular symbol of American freemasonry. The symbol appears on the one Dollar Bill and is often featured in films about The Illuminati.


Chet, although it is not certain that he is privy to that information, used the video as a way to skewer the theories which originally sprung from what he sarcastically called "extremely reliable" sites such as "4chan" and "8chan." Chet concluded his video by warning viewers to know what they're watching and to also be wary of anyone spreading false information on the internet.

Tom and Rita's infections might have initiated the theories.


Tom and Chet's mother, Rita Wilson, announced on Instagram that they had contracted the COVID-19 disease and had since then been observing quarantine measures in Australia. In his post, Hank said:

 "To play things right, as is needed in the world right now, we were tested… and found to be positive."

The couple were on a visit to Australia as Tom started producing the much anticipated Elvis Presley biopic in which he also stars as Elvis' manager, Tom Parker.


Tom and his wife were released from the hospital shortly after diagnosis and their caring son, Chet disclosed details about their well-being and quarantine status in an Instagram video.

The conspiracy theories began to spring up after the Oscar-winning actor, and his wife made their announcement. The actor and rapper addressed the connections being made between Tom's appearance on an episode of "The Simpsons" and his current infection.


In the episode, Hanks, who starred as himself, was featured as a spokesman for a deadly viral outbreak. Many linked his current state of health to the scene in which Tom's character said that if he was spotted in person, he should be left alone. 

The whole situation is grim, but just like her son, Rita has taken it upon herself to lighten up the atmosphere. The 63-year-old mother of two shared a funny video of herself rapping to Naughty by Nature's song "Hip Hop Hooray." Fans and friends remain concerned for the couple and hope for their quick recovery.

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