Daily Joke: Girl Notices a Stranger Standing in Front of Her House Everyday

Gracious Egedegbe
Mar 30, 2020
08:30 P.M.
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A girl noticed a man always coming to stand at the front of her house every day and decided to do something about it. 


A beautiful girl observed that a young man was always standing at the front of her house every evening of every day. The girl wondered why he kept doing that.

She also noticed that the man did that action in the evenings and on weekends. Whenever the man came, he never said a word to her but focused all his attention on his phone.

A portrait of a young lady with blonde hair. | Photo: Getty Images


Sometimes, he would stare at her but still wouldn't say a word. This went on for a year, and the girl believed that the man must really like her, but was shy to make his feelings know. 

With that, she went to her parents and narrated her experience with the man. Her parents also observed the man and liked him too. They went to the girl's grandparents and discussed a potential marriage with the man.


However, they wanted the girl to make the first move since the man seemed to be a shy person. The girl agreed and decided to meet the man the next day. 

The following day, she walked up to him and said hi. She told him her name was Jada. The man responded warmly, saying his name was Smith. Hearing both their names, the girl was excited. 


She felt their names matched perfectly, just like those of Hollywood couples, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. This looked like a match made in heaven. With that, she went on to state her purpose. 

The girl told him that she had noticed that he was always coming to the front of her home since the past year, and appreciated his patience and decency. She also told him that she believed he loved her but was shy about saying it. 


She added that she liked him too, and would love it if they got married. Hearing this, the guy smiled. He looked up to the girl and said, "Forgive me, sister!" 

Continuing, he revealed to her that her home's wifi was without a password. The only reason he came to the front of her house every evening after work was to make use of her home wifi to chat with his girlfriend. Oops!

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Source: Unijokes.