Daily Joke: Woman Comes to Comfort Her Grandmother after Her Grandfather Died

Katie hadn't visited her grandparents in two years. So when she heard that her grandpa had passed away, she was devastated and flew straight to her grandparent's house to comfort her grandma.

As soon as she reached her grandparent's house, Katie hurriedly rang the doorbell. Her grandmother opened the door and she hugged her tight. 

"Hi, granny," Katie said in an endearing tone. "How are you holding up?"

An old woman. | Source: Pexels

An old woman. | Source: Pexels

"I miss him," granny said. 

"How did this happen? I mean, he sounded so jolly when we last talked," Katie said. 

"He had a heart attack while we were making love on Sunday morning," granny replied. 

Katie was speechless. She didn't know how to react to that. It took her a good 20 seconds to finally speak up. 

"But granny, grandpa was 100 and you are 98! How is that possible?" Katie asked. "Forget possible, making love at that age would be asking for trouble!"


"Trouble what?" granny began. "Many years ago, your grandpa and I started talking about how we could keep the spark alive in our marriage as we grow older." 


"Well, we figured out that the best time to do it would be when the church bells rang. We thought it was the right rhythm to follow. Nice, slow, and even, nothing wild," granny explained. "We would simply go with the flow of the bell's dings and dongs."

A single tear fell on granny's cheeks and she wiped it away with her finger. 

"If that damned ice cream truck hadn't come along, your grandpa would still be alive."

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A granny who had lost her hearing abilities to health problems went to a doctor one day. The doctor suggested that she fit a hearing aid that would make her hearing as good as it was when she was young. 

After a few months, she went back to the doctor again. "Your hearing is 100% back to normal! Your family must be really happy," the doctor said. 

"Oh, I haven't told them yet," granny replied. 

"Why is that?" the doctor asked, surprised. 

"Oh, I just love to sit around and listen to their conversations. They don't have the slightest idea that I can hear them. I have changed my will five times!"

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