Americans across the Country Come up with Creative Ways to Help Those in Need during Coronavirus Pandemic

Olawale Ogunjimi
Mar 27, 2020
07:30 A.M.
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Some volunteer groups in the US have committed to helping the needy following the isolation exercise due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.


At a time of global health crisis, humanity has succeeded in thriving by showing great concern for their own.

The ceaseless cases of victims that contract the Coronavirus grows by the day, and government authorities, as well as health agencies, have advised people to take due precautions to avert the continuous spread of the virus.


To this end, people have restricted their movements, workplaces are deserted, as people try to self isolate themselves. In America, however, different groups have emerged, and they all champion a call for rendering help in terms of supplies to those in need. 

A selfless teacher from Cinnaminson High school, Katie Quinn brought together hundreds of persons that offered to help via an online platform known as "Cinnaminson Helping Cinnaminson." As per on the success and achievements of the forum, she said:

"The outpouring of support has been wild. It's a small town, so people look out for each other here. But it's also good for us to help others and make people smile."


Different supplies were made to ease up tension and also aid the safety of people such as nursing mothers and sick persons and, ultimately, everyone in the neighborhood.

Another group sprung up in New Jersey, known as "Invisible Hands." A New York college student, Liam Elkind, sphere heads this group. 


Liam, who focused on delivering supplies to seniors at first teamed up with his Facebook buddy, Simone Pelicano, whom he asked questions on how to help the elderly and invalids at a time like this.

Young kids are also part of this scheme as they ensure to spread light and positivity as much as they can.

They have helped with over 500 deliveries and has more than 7,900 young volunteers on their team. The group has also raised close to $50,000 funds to purchase items such as groceries and drugs for the needy. 

Cute little daughter sitting in a shopping cart grocery shopping for dairy product with young Asian mother in a supermarket | Photo: Getty Images


Individuals who are unemployed following the homebound obligation are also cared for by the Invisible Hands. According to  Elkind, his teammates are:

"...risking life and limb to be able to do some good in the world and help out those most in need."

Apart from a teacher and school student doing the world so much good, celebrities, landlords, and families are doing their best in continuing their quota. Singer and dancer Ciara and her sports star husband, Russell Wilson, has donated 1million meals to Food Lifeline, a food company to help feed people.


Nathan Nicols, a Portland landlord, told his tenants that they do not have to pay their April rent. He explained that this is a time that "so many people want help."

Young kids are also part of this scheme as they ensure to spread light and positivity as much as they can. People reported that children around the world are making rainbow drawings and sticking them on their windows to create a cheerful ambiance.


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