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Jaleel White of 'Family Matters' Fame Shares Baby Photos of Himself with Little Afro Buns That Leave Fans Gushing

Comfort Omovre
Mar 30, 2020
05:00 P.M.
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Former child star Jaleel White was in the mood for some throwbacks when he pulled at fans' heartstrings with enchanting photos from his childhood.


Yesterday's throwback trend gave fans a glimpse into what 90's star, Jaleel White, looked like as a toddler. The "Steve Urkel" actor took to his Instagram page to share a two-photo post showing off his charms and puff hairstyle as a baby.

Jaleel White arrives for the 8th Annual L.A. Loves Alex's Lemonade at UCLA Royce Quad on September 9, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. | Photo: Getty Images



Anyone viewing White's throwback post would have found it easy to know it was him as he bore the same easy smile and large cute eyes that captured the hearts of TV lovers. He proudly wrote in his caption:

"Black baby hairstyles hit different. Thanks for the share mama."

In the first vintage shot, the "Family Matters" alum's remarkable features were etched in a much younger face with chubby cheeks as he smiled brightly. The second photo shows him sucking from a baby bottle and sitting on an adult's lap. 

A fan commenting of Jaleel White's Instagram photo. | Photo: Instagram/jaleelwhite



As expected, the DWTS star received a lot of positive comments from his followers who couldn't get enough of how cute his baby version was. Fans had their heart emojis lined up as they sweetly admired the now 43-year-old actor.

Some fans reckoned that Jaleel's look was stamped since childhood as someone noted: "Still look the same," a second person mentioned: "You legit looked the same your whole life!" A third fan admired little Jaleel's hairstyle: "I see you rockin ruff with the Afro puffs."



Back in 1989, White played the comic but iconic character of a wiry young boy, "Steve Urkel" in the household sitcom, "Family Matters." Steve's nasal slurs and witty comments made him a fans' favorite, and Jaleel maintained the beloved character till the show's end in 1998.

He's dad to a little girl, Samaya White," who is his total twinnie!

Once in an interview with Fox News, the former child celebrity spoke about how he feels years after dropping his role as the hilarious young chap. For him, playing Steve Urkel was a milestone, and he knows that to date, fans have not been able to let go of "Urkel."



Before delving into the adult life of the Hollywood personality, it is noteworthy that this talented star was once rejected on the acclaimed "Bill Cosby Show"! 

That's one event he'll never forget, and the shocking fact was that he was supposed to be "Rudy Huxtable." The role initially was that of a little boy, but it was later changed to a girl's.


Back to the present, Jaleel White has all that behind him now. After "Family Matters" ended, many opportunities came forward. The versatile actor has taken non-comic roles in movies like "House" and "Psych."

He's dad to a little girl, Samaya White, who is his total twinnie! From his Instagram page, it is not hard to figure that White is a doting father who doesn't mind taking Samaya on movie making trips.