April 02, 2020

New Mom Sick after Husband Visits Her in Hospital Maternity Ward with Hidden COVID-19 Symptoms

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A woman from New York has shown concerning symptoms of the coronavirus after her husband showed a bit of recklessness all in the name of love. 

The unnamed woman was expecting a child. She’s been at the Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, and her husband was hoping to see her. However, he decided to hide his coronavirus symptoms in a bid to gain access.

Sadly, this gesture was all for naught, as the two of them have now become significantly sicker. Both of them and their newborn baby haven’t tested positive for the virus yet, but it won’t be a surprise if they do.

Midsection Of Doctor Holding Test Tube In Laboratory | Photo: Getty Images


The father reportedly confessed to showing symptoms after his wife became significantly sicker. The incident occurred last week.

Since then, the University of Rochester Medical Center announced that it would implement masking regulations on all visitors.


Staff at the hospital will be checking all visitors that make it into the medical center, as well as four other affiliated hospitals in the region. The hospital will primarily enforce the screening rules in its maternity regions.

Hospital officials will screen visitors’ temperatures. Staff will also need to wear masks at all public and parental care areas of the facilities.

 New York has now become the epicenter of the coronavirus.

An NHS worker wearing a mask and goggles takes a man with an unknown condition from an ambulance at the St Thomas' Hospital on March 31, 2020 in London, England. | Photo: Getty Images


The case shows the importance of being additionally careful, especially at this time. While it’s admirable that he tried to be with his family, the man’s recklessness could now cost the lives of his wife and child. 

It’s also worth noting that this case happened in New York, the state with the most coronavirus cases by far in the U.S.


The state reported an increase in the number of confirmed cases by 9,200 on Tuesday, thus bringing its total haul to over 76,000. 

For better comparison, this number has now surged past the number of confirmed cases in the Hubei province of China. The Hubei province was the origin of the coronavirus, and as of March 30, it had 67,801 cases.



Essentially, it means that New York has now become the epicenter of the coronavirus. The state has struggled with containment over the past three weeks, with Governor Andrew Cuomo instituting a mandatory stay-at-home order for citizens.

However, the problem also extends beyond just the people. Over the past few weeks, New York state officials have lamented the shortage of testing equipment and face masks. If this problem rages on, there’s no telling how many people could be affected.


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