3 Funny Jokes about Fulfilling Wishes

Lois Oladejo
Apr 19, 2020
05:00 A.M.

There's a saying that goes, careful what you wish for — here's a couple of jokes about wishes that got granted.


A 10-year-old kid finds an odd-looking lamp one day. The lamp seemed to glow, and it drew his attention.

He picks it up and rubs it on a whim, and immediately a genie appears and tells the boy he has a total of three wishes, after which he asks what he would like his first wish to be.

A young boy Looking Into a 3D Moon Lamp. | Photo: Getty Images

A young boy Looking Into a 3D Moon Lamp. | Photo: Getty Images

It didn't take long for him to decide on his first wish, "I wish I were rich," he says. In reply, the genie snaps his finger and says it is done. Then he asks, "what will your second wish be, Rich?"

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A man who is down on his luck works at a firm that pays him peanuts for the rigorous job he does. One day, while at his office, he discovers an old lamp and hoping his luck would change, rubs it gently after which a genie pops out.


The crafty genie then explains to him that he would be getting three wishes and that whatever he asks for, his boss gets double of it.

The man nods in agreement and immediately demands a million dollars as his first wish. The genie nods then remind the man that his boss would be getting two million dollars.


The man promptly replies, saying he was okay with it. The genie grants the wish then asks for his second. For his second wish, the man says: "My second wish is for a mansion on a remote tropical island."

The genie once again reminds him that his boss would be getting two beautiful mansions as well. The man agrees and moves on to his final wish.

For his third wish, the man asks the genie to donate one of his two kidneys to the hospital. It wasn't long before the demise of his boss hit the news.

Another joke about wishes:

Three grown men are stranded on an island. On one beautiful day, the three of them decided to take a stroll on the beach where they discover a magic lamp.


They immediately take to rubbing the lamp and out comes a genie. The genie bows respectfully to the three and states that since he could only grant three wishes, they could all have one each.

The first man laments about how he's been stuck on the island for decades far from his family, he looked at the genie and wished he was home.

The genie snaps his fingers and poof! The man disappears. The second man wishes for the same thing as well, and the genie grants the wish as well.

When it was the third man's turn, he looks around, and realizing how lonely he would be on the island by himself bursts into uncontrollable tears.

The genie asks him why he was crying, and the man answers, saying he wishes his friends were with him.

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Source: Startsat60

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