Duane 'Dog' Chapman's Alleged Girlfriend Francie Frane Shares New Photo with Him

Duane "Dog" Chapman seems to have found love again with Francie Frane, and the two of them looked adorable in the picture she posted on her social media page.

When Duane "Dog" Chapman lost his wife, the hurt and ache he felt were like no other, but as with humans' capacity to love again, he has allegedly found love in the arms of Francie Frane, who also knows what losing a partner feels like.

Beth and Duane Chapman at Queen's Surf Beach on November 10, 2017. | Photo: Getty Images

Beth and Duane Chapman at Queen's Surf Beach on November 10, 2017. | Photo: Getty Images


Francie Frane, the alleged girlfriend of Duane Chapman, recently shared a picture of herself and Duane looking loved up and cozy. She captioned the post saying:

"So excited for this new chapter!"

The picture showed Francie and Duane holding on to each other with her hands on his chest while his hands were wrapped around her. The duo looked adorable as they smiled at the camera.


Francie and Duane met when he placed a call across to her husband to ask for his help with some renovations. In a turn of events, Francie picked the call and told Duane that her husband had passed.

Beth would have approved of the relationship.

Learning of this, Duane, who had also lost his wife Beth to cancer, decided to become friends with Francie. Drawing from their similar experiences, the two became friends and soon fell in love.


After Francie posted the picture, people took to the comments section to express their thoughts and well wishes for the couple. Someone said:

"Congrats… you both deserve someone else... there will never be another Bob or Beth, but that doesn't mean you cannot lobe another person..."

While there had been speculations about whom Duane's new girlfriend was, following his split from Moon Angell, Francie's post help confirm the budding relationship between herself and Duane.


Duane's family expressed that they are happy that he has found someone like Francie and that the two of them were a perfect fit for each other since they understood loss the same way.

Lyssa Chapman, Duane's daughter, stated that she is certain Beth would have approved of the relationship because she always wanted her husband to find love after she passed.

Similarly, Beth's friend and a friend of the family, Rainy Robison, also approves of the relationship, alluding that there is no better person for Duane than Francie.

Duane, who had a fall out with his family over his relationship with one of Beth's friend, Moon Angell, seems to have gotten into the good grace of his family once again with Francie by his side.

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