April 18, 2020

Daily Joke: Guy Walks into a Bar and Asks for Beer

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If you've ever worked behind a cash register, you know how frustrating it can be to come across customers who think tons of coins are a great way to pay. One time is fine but when it becomes a habit, it can seem personal. 

Man walks into a bar

A man walked into a bar and asked for a beer. "That's gonna cost five dollars," said the bartender. The man then threw a set of coins onto the floor. 

A bar front | Photo: Pixabay


With reluctance, the bartender bent down and counted the coins, then served the man a beer. The next day, the man entered the bar and asked for a beer again. He paid with bunch of coins once more.

The following day, he does the same thing. On the fourth day, the man asked for a beer and handed the bartender a $10 note. Seeing a chance of revenge, the bartender took the note and threw a bunch of coins on the floor in front of the man. 

A bunch of coins | Photo: Pixabay


"Here! Have your change!" he shouted. The man looked at the floor and said, "I'd like another beer, please." 

Drunk walks out of a bar

Elsewhere, a drunk staggered out of the bar and found himself in front of two priests. He went to one of the priests and said, "Hey, I'm Jesus Christ!" 

Inside a bar | Photo: Pixabay


The priest responded: "No, my son, you are definitely not." The drunk went to the other priest and told him the same thing. "I'm Jesus Christ!" He got a similar response from the second priest. 

Man rests his head with wine nearby | Photo: Pixabay


The drunk got fed up and said. "Here, I'll prove it to you guys." He entered the bar with both priests in tow. The bartender looked up to see who came in. 

"Jesus Christ, you're back again?!" 

A taxpayer receives a notice

One day, a taxpayer received a strongly worded letter saying that his taxes were overdue. The man was a bit surprised as the letter seemed to be a second notice and he was being threatened with legal action.

Tax forms with highlights | Photo: Pixabay


He immediately did his taxes and went into the collector's office to pay the bill. Despite still being confused, he apologized to the collector and said that he must have overlooked the first notice. 

He then asked the collector if he should be worried about going to jail or if he'd made it on time. With a smile, the collector responded, "Oh, we no longer send out first notices. We've found that second notices are much more effective."