April 22, 2020

Daily Joke: Old Man Goes Jewelry Store to Buy an Expensive Ring

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The power of expectation is something that should never be underestimated. One older man knows just how to use it to his advantage. 

One Friday evening, an elderly man walked into a jewelry store with a gorgeous young lady at his side.

The man told the jeweler he would like a very special ring to give to his girlfriend. 

Old man chooses a ring for young girlfriend

The jeweler did some searching and then presented the man with a beautiful $5,000 ring. 

A diamond ring | Photo: Pixabay


"I'm not sure you quite understand," the old man said when he saw the item. "I need something more special than that."

The delighted jeweler then went over to his exclusive stock and came back with another ring.

"Here's an exceptional piece for only $40,000," he told the old man. He saw as the young lady's eye widened and her body trembled with excitement. 

A woman looking down | Photo: Pixabay


The old man seemed satisfied. He told the jeweler: "We'll take it." The jeweler asked how payment would be made. 

The old man said he would be paying by cheque. He then noted, "I Know you have to make sure my check is good, so I'll write it out now and you can call the bank on Monday to verify the funds are there.

"I'll pick the ring up on Monday afternoon," he said. "Does that work for you?" The jeweler was fine with the arrangement. 

Old man stands in street | Photo: Pixabay


On Monday morning, a very disgruntled jeweler called up the old man and told him, "There's no money in the account!" 

The old man responded, "I know, but can you imagine the weekend I just had?" 

Old man wonders about wife's hearing

An elderly man suspected that his wife was having a hearing problem, so he decided he'd check out her ear health. 

One evening, the man crept up behind his wife while she was knitting and asked, "Honey, can you hear me?" 

Elderly couple taking a walk | Photo: Pixabay


When he heard nothing, he moved closer and repeated himself more loudly. "Honey, can you hear me?" 

Finally, he came up right behind his wife and asked again, "Honey, can you hear me?" 

The woman turned around sharply and said, "For the third time, yes!" 

A lawyer tries to fix his sink

One day, an esteemed lawyer returned from work to find his wife crying due to a leaking sink. 

He rested down his suitcase and took off his clean business suit. He then tried to fix the sink himself. 


After quite some time, the man finally realizes he can't do the job and decides to phone a maintenance man. 

A man at a sink | Photo: Pixabay


The plumber arrives and within three moves he fixes the sink. When he's done, he tells the lawyer, "That will be $95." 

The lawyer is outraged. He can't believe he has to pay $95 for no more than five minutes of work. 

Because of his status, though, he knows he has to pay and gives the maintenance man the fee. 

Photo of two bearded workers smiling at camera while posing in production workshop | Photo: Getty Images

The lawyer is still appalled by the price. "It's absurd!" he screams out of anger. 

"I'm a top lawyer in town and not even I can make $95 in less than five minutes of work!" 

The maintenance man shrugs before responding, "Honestly, I didn't either when I was a lawyer."