Olympian Allyson Felix Poses in Jersey near Kobe Bryant Murals in LA

Olympic gold medalist Allyson Felix remembered the late Kobe Bryant by going to visit one of his murals that had been painted on a building in Los Angeles, California.

Since Kobe Bryant's death on January 26, 2020, murals have been erected in many parts of California in his honor. Recently, Olympic gold medalist Allyson Felix visited one in Los Angeles.

Allyson revealed that she and her husband, Kenneth Ferguson, had taken their daughter Camryn for a drive to soothe the toddler when they stopped to view one of Kobe's murals.

Allyson, who is a basketball enthusiast, was dressed in a crop top that showed off her abs and yellow and purple basketball shorts that were reminiscent of the Lakers uniform, Kobe's team for 20 years.

One fan gushed over the tribute and exclaimed, "let go Laker's short and Kobe's!" Paralympian Scout Bassett praised Allyson and Kobe for their talent and called them both the greatest of all time.

Paralympian Scout Bassett commented on a photo of Allyson Felix standing next to a mural of Kobe Bryant | Source: Instagram.com/af85

Paralympian Scout Bassett commented on a photo of Allyson Felix standing next to a mural of Kobe Bryant | Source: Instagram.com/af85

Shortly after Kobe's death, when he was killed in a helicopter crash in Calabasas with his daughter, Gianna Bryant, and seven other passengers, Allyson paid tribute to him in a lengthy post. 

She revealed that they first met at the 2008 Summer Olympics and admitted, "I constantly had to pinch myself that someone so accomplished and busy took the time to be so caring."

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I’ve been in such a fog. Utter disbelief. Heavy heart. Being an LA girl and a basketball enthusiast I loved Kobe since the beginning. I was a fan and captivated by his killer drive, work ethic and his mental toughness. • So when I met Kobe for the first time at the 2008 Olympics I was geeked. But then I was blown away because every single time we crossed paths after that he was so kind and thoughtful. Always asking about things I had been up to with genuine concern. I constantly had to pinch myself that someone so accomplished and busy took the time to be so caring. • I remember talking to him about track and what he thought he could run a 400 in. I was mesmerized when I heard him telling inside stories about the team and his own process. Listening to him speak about his girls was the best. You could see his face light up. • It’s amazing to see the impact Kobe has had on this world. We all have so many photos, special stories and memories. For a person of his statute I can’t even imagine the work that took. It takes an incredibly special individual to make so many people feel seen. Through his gift of basketball he touched so many lives and it reminds me how powerful sport is especially when it combines with a special person. • What we all feel pales in comparison to what the Bryant family is experiencing. Their pain is unimaginable. I lift the entire family up in prayer along with all the other families involved in this tragedy.🙏🏾

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Allyson said during their conversation, she and Kobe discussed her career in track and details about his team. Most of all, she remembered how much joy he expressed when talking about his daughters, she revealed:

"Listening to [Kobe] speak about his girls was the best. You could see his face light up."

Allyson welcomed her first child in November 2018. According to Essence, she had a near-death after suffering from severe preeclampsia and had to undergo an emergency C-section, she admitted:

"I didn’t realize anything was wrong until everything was terribly wrong. [It was] two [of the] most terrifying days of her life."

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With the #Olympics right around the corner and Camryn getting older by the minute, I’ve been thinking about what’s important for my family, now and down the road. It’s why I turned to the financial advisors @northwesternmutual - they’re helping me balance living out my dreams today, while still making the choices that are right for my family’s future. . . . I was nervous about meeting my advisor for the first time and talking finances, but I was blown away by our conversation. When I think about goals, it’s usually focused on what I can do on the track. But my advisor helped me realize that there’s so much more that I can enjoy and focus on today. . . . I asked all kinds of questions – some I didn’t even know I had – and I left feeling so energized and excited for what’s to come. While my dream of being an athlete and mother is unique to me, I know you all can relate to feeling good about the choices you’re making financially. I’ve got a lot to figure out and new dreams to go after, but it feels so good to take this first step and know that with the support of @northwesternmutual I’m not leaving anything up to chance. #ad #spendlifeliving #northwesternmutual

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Today reports, Allyson was nervous that she wouldn't be able to perform the same after giving birth. However, only 10 months after welcoming Camryn, she surpassed Usain Bolt's record of holding 12 gold medals.

She admitted that she was proud that her daughter was there to share the moment, and she found it fulfilling to be representing other mothers. 

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