April 29, 2020

Eric Trump Gets Haircut from Wife Lara at Home Amid COVID-19 Crisis

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In a recent post shared by Eric Trump, he showed off the stylish haircut he got from his wife Lara while adhering to the stay-at-home instructions.

Sometimes, all one needs is to have complete and utter trust in their partner when confronted with an unprecedented situation.

In a new post on his Instagram account, Eric Trump showed how much he trusted his wife Lara; she gave him a haircut while they stayed at home together.

Eric Trump and Lara Trump attend the State of the Union address in the chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives January 30, 2018. | Photo: GettyImages


In the picture, Eric can be seen wearing a green-colored shirt with the word "Trump" written across it while Lara concentrated on giving him a neat haircut.

While Lara concentrated on what she was doing, she managed to give a smile as Eric took the picture. Captioning it, he said:

"I got a new barber today! #Covid19Haircut @trumpstore."


Although Eric allowed Lara to help him out with the haircut, it seems he would love to keep his beard as he sported a full beard that made him look different.

Eric and Lara, who have been married for almost six years, are parents to two beautiful children: two-year-old Eric Luke and nine-month-old Carolina Dorothy.


In the comments section, people expressed their thoughts and opinions on how fantastic the couple were. They also revealed that Lara did a great job of cutting Eric's hair. With others thanking them for adhering to the stay-at-home instructions.

While some joked by asking if they could come around to have their hair cut by Lara, others expressed that Eric was blessed to have someone as skilled as Lara handle his hair cut. Someone also said:

"I sincerely thank you very much for keeping your wife at home and cutting your hair. All of you stay in a safe place."


Some people also shared similar hair-cutting tales in the comments section, with some stating that they did a terrible job on their partner's hair cut while some other people expressed that Eric was brave for allowing his wife to cut his hair as they could not allow such.

Eric and Lara are not the only celebrities to be cutting their hair at home. Most people have been perplexed on how to cut their hair, and some even resorted to cutting it themselves.

Celebrities like Pink, Ruby Rose, and Blake Shelton, among others, have resorted to giving themselves hair cuts or leaning on their partners to do the job. Although some turned out fine, others did not.

Interestingly, it might not come as a surprise that Eric trusts Lara to do a fantastic job of cutting his hair as, over the years, she has proved to be a versatile person.


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