101-Year-Old Woman Born on US-Bound Ship during the Spanish Flu Pandemic Beat COVID-19

A century ago, a woman was born on a US-bound ship during the Spanish flu pandemic. She survived the contagion. 

Now, aged 101, she beat COVID-19. The old woman, identified as Angelina Friedman, made rounds on Facebook after she survived this year's novel coronavirus pandemic.

Her photo was shared on the Facebook page of the North Westchester Restorative and Therapy Center. Many people left heartwarming messages about Angelina's recovery.


Friedman was widely admired for managing to beat the illness. She is the latest centenarian to recover from COVID-19. 

Her family has hailed her as a "superhuman," as reported by Daily Mail. She battled several diseases throughout her life. Friedman's daughter Joanne Merola said:

"Her mother died giving birth on the ship, and she was taken care of by her two sisters, who were also on board."


Aside from the latest virus, and the Spanish flu, Friedman survived miscarriages, cancer, sepsis. She has outlived her husband and her ten siblings.

With all the challenges Friedman faced while going through life, she is truly a survivor in her own terms. On March 21, she was admitted to the hospital for a minor medical procedure, as reported by Pix11.

She was isolated in her nursing home and had an on-and-off fever for several weeks.


Her admission to the hospital resulted in the discovery that she was positive for COVID-19. Her scheduled procedure was postponed, and Friedman spent a week in the hospital.

She was isolated in her nursing home and had an on-and-off fever for several weeks. After her treatment, she finally tested negative on April 20.

Merola shared that she received late-night phone calls from the nurses for updates. The nursing staff assigned to monitor her mother said she was doing great.

She felt happy that her mother has now regained her strength. Friedman was able to eat well again and was even looking for yarn to do crochet.

Merola hopes that her mother's story will inspire others to continue fighting the virus. "If my mother could see this, I'd say, 'Keep going, Ma! You're going to outlive us all," Merola said.

Another centenarian, this time a 101-year-old Italian man, beat both the Spanish flu and COVID-19. Mr. P. Guerre, according to the Italian government, was happily reunited with his family after he recovered from the illness.

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